Huge non-human craft attempts to land at Iraqi base

In the next video, Linda Moulton Howe talks about recent and upcoming events and continues with the infamous case of a huge non-human craft that attempted to land at Iraqi base in 2009. 

2:27​ – Saturday, March 13 – “Macron rehearses Star Wars”, “France runs satellite war games” 

 – France carried out first ever military exercise in space 

 – US, France, Germany take part in codename “Asterix” 

 – wargame exercise practicing orbital defence 


– Mystery boom, shaking reported around San Diego, March 10, 2021

– noise and shaking felt around Southern California – no information about the cause, even from USGS – eyewitness in South Park… “I knew it wasn’t an earthquake”.. “sudden impact” 

Strange metal sounds coming from the sky in PA on March 13 

– Phoenixville, PA witness: “we heard a metallic sound ..”this was not the sound of a sonic boom” 

15:48​ – Interview with retired U.S. Any Chief Warrant Office 4 

– October, 2009 incident at USA forward operating base Sykes, outside Tal Afar, Iraq 

– saw huge craft above the runway

– no fuselage, boomerang-shaped, floating above the runway 

– “this thing is like 1/8 mile wide”…”covered the whole runway”

– “pale white, eggshell color” 

– “hovering at the end of the airstrip” 

– “it was so big”…”it came straight down the runway…made a very gentle turn to the right and started rising…and then it was gone” – “they covered it up”

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