Are Aliens Attracted to Ghosts? or Vice Versa

Tri-Field EMF Meter courtesy Alpha Labs

As a UFO investigator I started to see this possible cross-over between aliens and spirits in some of my investigations a while ago. I realized I needed to learn more about ghost hunting before I could venture into this field. I started working with local and state ghost investigators here in Colorado to learn some of their techniques and went to a few ghost symposiums so I could pick up more info from the experts. Needless to say I already had all the necessary gear needed to run a successful investigation, but needed to learn proper protocols. I had used this same type of tactics learning about Bigfoot investigations before I started running my own investigations, and I’ve been pretty successful finding Bigfoot evidence. So now on to ghosts.

But why? Why would a UFO investigator want to learn about ghost investigations? Well… some of my investigations it appeared the witness was not experiencing ET but spirits, and “vica versa”. I needed to learn about ghost investigations to be able to properly distinguish between ghosts or alien visitations. Well the more investigations I did, the more I started to see a pattern between ghosts and alien visitations, and the energy surrounding them, EMF. (electro-magnetic-fields)

UFO field investigators have always used EMF meters looking for trace evidence of either a craft landing, some type of visitation, to evidence Balls of Light being present. I incorporated EMF metering tactics in my Animal Mutilation investigations proving high electro-magnetic fields are associated with mutilations too! Possibly the remanence of high energy used during the mutilations. UFO investigators and also Ghost investigators have experienced battery drainage from their cameras and instruments while running an active investigation. In my opinion it’s these high EMF fields that are responsible for draining batteries. High EMF also affects peoples personalities and can be quite dangerous.

As mentioned in one of my previous blogs:

There are two types of EMF, Non-ionizing and Ionizing.

Non-ionizing: Low levels of radiation which is generally not harmful to humans. Types of non-ionizing radiation are: Microwave ovens, computers, fuse boxes, WIFI, cell phones, bluetooth devices, and power lines.

Ionizing: High levels of radiation which has the potential for cellular and DNA damage. Types of ionizing radiation are: Sunlight, X-Rays, Gamma Rays.

Studies show higher levels of the non-ionizing electro-magnetic fields will effect humans. Higher fields will effect concentration, headaches, fatigue low energy, sleep disturbance, hallucinations and some studies, tumors.

For years now I’ve been on Podcasts talking about this EMF correlation between ghosts and aliens, and think I may know a possible reason.

First, high energy fields can attract spirits probably because they may use this energy to help communicate, move around, or manifest. Since sprits are intelligent energy themselves we use EMF meters to detect them. But what about aliens? Well we use EMF meters to detect traces of their technology. So if there is an alien visitation at a particular location, then local spirits may be attracted to the residual EMF signature left behind by the aliens. Now the witness has two problems, not only aliens but ghosts as well.

Let’s look at the flip side. If there is a strong ghost presence at a particular location, then aliens visiting that area would be able to detect the EMF energy signature and become curious. For all we know aliens could be communicating with the spirits too!

This is what I think.

When we pass on, our energy or soul is comprised as intelligent energy. We humans, function using electronic impulses in our bodies. We are walking capacitors charged with energy. I believe in multiple dimensions, so when we pass-on, our intelligent energy moves from our present dimension to another. This other dimension or dimensions, are where spirits reside and travel from, when we’re able to communicate while ghost hunting. I absolutely don’t believe that when you die and your spirit moves on, it can never return. I believe there exists a capability for the after life to move from their dimension to ours for what ever reason it wants. Maybe to finish unfinished business, maybe to check up on loved ones, or maybe just to see what’s going on, but I believe the spirits have the will and the necessary energy to achieve this cross over.

What about the communicating process? EVP (electronic voice phenomenon), touching or moving objects are common ways.

EVP is a voice phenonium that generally sits in the “white noise” spectrum. White noise is the original noise created by the Big Bang. Those who remember tube TV sets would hear this noise when a TV station went off the air. Sometimes back in the day, voices were heard through the TV set static, thus the beginning of EVPs. Generally audio and video recorders pick up spirit voices but sometimes witnesses as well as investigators hear them as clear as a conversation. One has to be careful in the type of equipment used to pick up EVP’s especially cell phones, because manufacturers build in software to eliminate background noise to enhance audio. This can also eliminate possible EVP’s. The best medium I’ve found to get EVPs is a tape recorder because a magnetic tape picks up everything. But unfortunately magnetic tapes are getting harder to find.

As for moving objects, since a spirit has no mass, energy is used to move objects, and if an object is moved, then an investigator can quickly pick up a residual EMF signature from that object proving an energy source was responsible for the movement.

Spirits are made up of energy and when they touch you, that energy is left on your skin. This is just like when we were kids and used to shuffle our feet across the carpet and arc-weld a loved one with a touch of a finger. (fun) We’re energy, they’re energy, and when we shock someone, an energy signature will appear on their skin, and sometimes it hurts. In ghost investigations this could appear as hand marks, red marks and finger marks, and yes even sometimes scrapes. Now I’m not saying some people don’t get attacked, because I also believe bad energy here on this dimension is still bad energy in an other dimension so an investigator may have to deal with that.

Investigators don’t want to be too quick to judge a red mark on their skin as an evil person or demon attacking them, when in fact it could be someone who is trying to communicate by simply trying to touch them. They need to prepare themselves for either outcome.

We’ve been pretty successful communicating with spirits through EVP’s (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) but a higher intelligence, one whose technology is far more advanced than ours, may be able to speak with spirits directly. And why not? If aliens are here to study us, why not study our after life too! Hard to say, these are just thoughts, but it appears the one common denominator between aliens and ghosts is EMF, because one could attract the other.

Now if Aliens are visiting this planet and studying us, they’re probably monitoring energy signatures as well, thus monitoring spirit activity. I also believe people they are monitoring are not implanted with tracking devices but are tracked through a very unique energy signature. Each one of us has a different energy signature that is also referred as, an “Aura.” Specific energy signatures would be easily traceable with advanced technology for Aliens to locate specific subjects. If Aliens have the technology to track “Auras”, then that same type of technology would be used to see EMF energy spots, let’s say where spirit activity is present.

So EMF (Electro-Magnetic-Energy) may not only be the common denominator between life and death, but the universe as well. Some scientists say, dark matter makes use of ordinary electromagnetism. This is EMF, the same type of energy we use to locate ghosts and aliens. Maybe this EMF is how the human race was located? ET’s searching the stars for planets that have higher than normal EMF signatures. Everything with a battery has an EMF signature, so the bleed-off of EMF from everything on our planet that is powered, would leave a higher than normal EMF signature telling ET, there’s technology on this planet. Thus, we were located.

Either way, EMF seems to be not only the common denominator between ghosts and aliens, but maybe all life in the galaxies as well.

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