Mysterious earthquake light appeared in the sky over Oriental Mindoro, Philippines

In the next video, Linda Moulton Howe talks about recent and upcoming events and continues with the infamous case of a huge non-human craft that attempted to land at Iraqi base in 2009.  2:27​ – Saturday, March 13 – “Macron rehearses Star Wars”, “France runs satellite war games”   – France carried out first ever military exercise in space   – US, France, Germany take part in codename “Asterix”   – wargame exercise practicing orbital defence  5:01​  – Mystery boom, shaking reported around San Diego, March 10, 2021 – noise and shaking felt around Southern California – no information about the cause, even from USGS – eyewitness in South Park… “I knew it wasn’t an earthquake”.. “sudden impact”  Strange metal sounds coming from the sky in PA on March 13  – Phoenixville, PA witness: “we heard a metallic sound ..”this was not the sound of a sonic boom”  15:48​ – Interview with retired U.S. Any Chief Warrant Office 4  – October, 2009 incident at USA forward operating base Sykes, outside Tal

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