Just a Thought about Bigfoot.

Chuck Zukowski running an investigation in Missouri.
Picture courtesy, Travel Channel, Alien Highway

When someone is fully researching or investigating UFO’s, it can’t be approached as coincidental or random, but has to be looked at as science. Compared to Ghost investigations where random sightings may be the norm except for maybe residual events, or Bigfoot sightings where it may be seasonal; UFO or Alien investigations are quite different.

Case in point: Ghosts and Bigfoot don’t appear to be running scientific analysis or experiments on humans, and don’t seem to have the expertise to manipulate our technology beyond our own comprehension. I personally believe Ghosts and/or Sprits are intelligent masses of energy that are multi-dimensional. They can come and go as they please regardless of the those lame investigators who believe they can personally control them. But Bigfoot on the other hand, is not just some stupid ape, but a highly intelligent mammal very in-tuned to its environment. With extremely heightened senses, Bigfoot not only can smell or hear humans coming, but can sense them too! Yep they have this pretty cool way of knowing when humans are nearby, but before you say, “Give me a break”, you have that sense too!

Woman’s intuition:
Women seem to possess a superior intuition, almost psychic in some instances. Science tries to explain this by saying women are better at reading facial expression then men are, but science seems to just skip right over other events where there’s no one around to read their expressions, like when some women are very in-tuned to an environment when there’s an unknown danger nearby.

But we all have this ability. Ever sit in your car or at a restaurant and feel like someone is staring at you? You feel uneasy, and feel this unknown weird energy. You look around and see, yep, someone was staring at you for what ever reason. Happens a lot in cars at traffic lights. The individual staring at you is completely out of your peripheral vision, and you sensed it, not saw it.

So how about Bigfoot? Here’s a bi-pedal mammal that has never been introduced to technology yet is extremely intelligent with highly developed senses. Probably can see infra red light too, like the infra red light flashes from game cameras, so it knows to stay away from them. You may say again, “Give me a break”, but I say, “well Hell, you have that too!”

The human eye is a remarkable organ, more efficient than the best cameras on the market. It can detect the visible spectrum of electromagnetic light waves, a range of wavelengths between 390 to 700 nanometers. Recently researchers from Washington University in St. Louis discovered that the human eye is in fact capable of seeing infrared light, but only under certain conditions like flashes.

Over the period of evolution where humans started relying on technology and ventured away from the “hunter-gatherer” expertise, our bodies dismissed those things we no longer need, like seeing infra-red light or that extra eye-lid called the “Semilunar fold”. How about other things like, a tail bone, an appendix, ear muscles and wisdom teeth? Have you ever thought about Goosebumps? Not the books, but the little bumps on your skin when you’re under stress or cold.

Goosebumps are a type of a vestigial reflex. The function in apes is to raise the body hair to trap heat when it’s cold and other times to raise the hair to appear larger to scare off predators. We get them all the time, but when it happens, it just tells us to put on a jacket or turn up the heater.

Bigfoot though, is still in an un-changed environment where technology hasn’t taken control. Now before you say, “Bull, humans are everywhere”, think about this.

About 90% of North America is unexplored or under-explored and most of this land is “off the beaten path” for humans to easily access. Humans are very social, so they have the tendency to live in groups like cities and towns. Some people live in remote areas, and those are the ones city dwellers laugh at when they report UFO or Bigfoot sightings. So who knows more about Bigfoot? People living in remote areas that are more in-tuned to remote environments, or people who play “couch investigators” while watching Bigfoot shows on TV?

As for Bigfoot, it does appear to be learning to adapt to our technology and somewhat curious at times, which tells me once again, “This isn’t some dumb ape.” Bigfoot are also very sociable, they live in families and Clans and love to watch humans. They can also be quite aggressive if you piss them off, so don’t think they’re some cuddly Teddy Bear that you can go over and hug, they may break you in half or rip your arms off.

Fun Fact:
The Teddy Bear was created in honor of President Theodore Roosevelt. Theodore Roosevelt was on a bear hunting trip near Onward, Mississippi on November 14th, 1902 and was having no luck finding a bear to shoot. One of his assistants cornered and tied a black bear to a willow tree and suggested Roosevelt to shoot it. Well President Roosevelt refused to shoot the bear because it was unsportsmanlike which was giving the bear no chance to survive. Well news spread quickly, thus the Teddy Bear was created in honor of Roosevelt’s compassion for the bear.

As for Bigfoot and Teddy Roosevelt? In Theodore Roosevelt’s writings, he talked about a hunter named Bauman who was a true frontiersman and had a Bigfoot encounter in the Montana Territory. It appeared Bauman and his friend were awakened in the night by a foul smell and a shadow of a “great body” in the entrance of their shelter. Bauman shot his rifle and the creature fled to the forest. The next day after checking their game traps, they returned to their camp seeing it was completely destroyed. That night they experienced loud howls and screaming in the night, so the next day they decided to retrieve their traps and leave.

Bauman volunteered to retrieve the last few traps from a nearby river leaving his trapping buddy at the camp. A few hours later Bauman returned to see the body of his friend leaning against a tree, with fang marks piercing his broken neck. Bi-pedal foot prints were found surrounding his friend and once again the camp was destroyed.

Was this an encounter with Bigfoot, well it defiantly wasn’t a Teddy Bear.

When running field investigations on UFO’s or even Bigfoot, preparedness is the key to any investigation not only to make is successful in hopes of finding evidence, but also successful in keeping you and your team safe. Eye witness testimonies and their evidence is essential, but the key is always to verify the eyewitness testimony and their evidence either good or bad. Try to eliminate all obvious possibilities first before claiming otherwise, and use scientific-type methodologies in your investigation that can be verified. Brining a psychic into an investigation may look good on camera, but unless that psychic can physically back up their claims, then their thoughts are just opinions and really no use to the investigation. On the other hand, scientific investigation results can be recorded and tried again trying to achieve the similar results on new investigations. This way comparison-analysis can be performed hopefully resulting in concrete evidence.

As for Bigfoot, my jaw dropped the first time I saw footprints during an investigation, and it dropped again when me and my team were being tracked by a very intelligent being. Just remember this one thing while running any type of investigation:

Have the upmost respect for what you’re investigating.

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