What’s Flying Over Hawaii?

While my wife and I were on the Big Island of Hawaii earlier this year celebrating our wedding anniversary, I did some field investigations. If you read the book “The 37th Parallel” which was written about me, then you would already know I always try to do some type of paranormal investigation while on a leisure trip.

While on the Big Island, I spoke with some of the locals and heard some pretty interesting sighting reports not only from the Big Island, but Maui, and Oahu as well. I even heard a story about the pesky Menehune. More on that little guy in a later blog.

Every night in our room I would randomly wake up and go out to our balcony and shoot random 20 second video clips with my night vision camera. Not knowing when UFOs will actually appear, random shooting is the best bet. The following quick video is some of the stuff I picked up on my video camera. No smoking guns, mostly bats or birds, but still pretty interesting to share. Most of the videos I get through my email from people claiming to have video recorded a UFO, are generally a bird or an insect.

The last clip on this video is hard to see, you may have to increase the size of the video screen to see it. I was shooting in the deep sky when one faint light came out from the right side of the screen and another came down from the top center of the screen. They met about half way in the middle, then flew off together on the left. Birds? Maybe, but if they were, they were extremely high up in the night sky.

Oh (btw) The music in the background is me playing my KALA Baritone ukulele tuned in GCEA. My New Year’s Resolution for 2021, was to learn a new instrument and knowing Hawaii was in my near future, the ukulele seemed to fit the bill. Aloha!

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