‘Fire in The Sky’ is the Scariest Alien Abduction Ever – From Real Life Event

Fire in the Sky is a film released in 1993 that depicted the true events that Travis Walton himself had disputed, when he claimed to have been kidnapped by aliens at the age of 22 in 1975.

Unfortunately, while not all that many viewers saw his story when it was released during the same time frame as Jurassic Park and Nightmare Before Christmas, which resulted in a fairly poor box office performance, to say the least.

What distinguishes the 90s movie from other alien-related movies at the time is that it doesn’t come out like a science-fiction movie, but rather as a horror movie.

It reveals how Walton vanished out of thin air in the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest, and as his colleagues vanished, they all reported seeing a huge orb lurking him away from the location.

After returning to Arizona, he wrote a book of his own and his experiences entitled The Walton Experience, a film that is more or less based on don.

So far, he passed several lie detector checks, all of which showed that his claim was true.

The film itself tells the story from the perfection of his buddies as it shows us what it is like to be the one who really sees the kidnapping but is powerless to stop it as opposed to most of the movies out there that show us what happens to the abductee, to begin with.

The scene that follows has, by far, the most terrifying impact we’ve ever seen as far as the abduction story goes. Check it out for yourself, even if we have to warn you, it’s an inducing nightmare.

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