‘Mystery’ UFOs spotted by US Navy subs traveling at ‘unprecedented speed’ may come from ‘underwater base’ – The Alien Hunter

SUN Article by Patrick Knox (5/28/2021)

USS Omaha is a combat ship in the US Navy Photo Credit: ALAMY
USS Omaha is a combat ship in the US Navy Photo Credit: ALAMY

UFOs detected traveling at “unprecedented speeds” by US Navy nuke submarines may come from an underwater base, it has been claimed.

The Pentagon is said to have confirmed footage showing a mysterious pyramid as genuine ahead of a potentially explosive official report on numerous UFO sightings.

The submarine sightings were revealed by Tom Rogan from the Washington Examiner.

Rogan told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson it is not thought the craft could be technology from a foreign power.

He said: “I have heard from very good sources and that the US Navy has the data.

“I think what we may well be looking at a true unknown.

Tom Rogan, DC Political Journalist

Read the full article here: https://www.the-sun.com/news/2972958/mystery-ufo-spotted-us-navy-sub/

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