Another Pilot, Alex Dietrich Who Engaged The Tic-Tac UFO, Details The Events with Skeptic Mick West

Another Pilot, Alex Dietrich Who Engaged Tic-Tac UFO Details The Events with Skeptic Mick West

     Pilot, Lieutenant Alex Dietrich who along with Commander David Fravor, of the F/A-18F squadron on the USS Nimitz engaged what has become known as The Tic-Tac UFO, finally went public with her account of the event(s) on CBS’ 60 Minutes, May 16th, 2021. (She did appear anonymously on Tom Delonge’s, Unidentified: Inside America’s UFO Investigation). Since that time, she has been inundated with interview requests, and has become a social media celebrity of sorts.
Frank Warren

By Frank Warren
The UFO Chronicles

Out of the melee, self-proclaimed skeptic, Mick West, who himself has gained notoriety of late, by debunking alleged UFO events generally, and countering the Tic-Tac UFO event specifically, persuaded her to sit down with him for an impromptu interview (see below).

The discussion was centered on what is labeled, CVW-11 EVENT SUMMARY (see below), which is exactly what it sounds like, i.e., a summary of events surrounding the UFO encounter on November 14th, 2004; Dietrich, although acknowledging that she can’t confirm the authenticity of the document (in that moment), intimates that it does appear genuine, incorporating proper nomenclature, etc., and deconstructs it paragraph by paragraph.

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