This man claims he is a time traveler and met his own self in 2042 – He shows a video of this event (VIDEO)

Hakan Nordkvist said that he had seen his future self on several occasions. Let’s go through his story.

He wanted to patch the kitchen sink himself after it leaked in 2006.

When we climbed into the fridge, he noticed that he was moving in circles, like a maze, until he came to a light at the top. He was still in the future when he arrived at the sun, according to Hakan.

In the year 2042, he met his 72-year-old self.

The positive news is that he was able to capture everything he saw on his smartphone. The man discussed a variety of personal topics with his future self, including tattoo comparisons.

He is unconcerned with being labeled a liar and he knew what he saw. What are your thoughts on the possibility of traveling through time?

See the video below and let us know what you think.


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