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I believe the presence of ghosts can attract aliens.

I believe the presence of aliens can attract ghosts.
I believe the presence of aliens could attract Bigfoot.

I’ve talked about this for a few years now on Podcasts, so it’s about time to write about it. I’ve investigated cases where aliens and spirits are both involved. I’ve also investigated UFO sightings where Bigfoot sightings have been reported. I believe there’s a correlation between aliens and ghosts and aliens and Bigfoot. I believe that correlation is, EMF.

EMF: Electromagnetic radiation is energy that surrounds us daily. It’s radio waves, microwaves, X-rays, gamma rays, and also sunlight. EM radiation is created when an atomic particle like an electron, is accelerated by an electric field causing it to move. This movement produces oscillating electric and magnetic fields which travel at right angles to each other in light energy called a photon. Photons travel at the speed of light.

The Electromagnetic spectrum or (EM spectrum) covers a large range of wavelengths and frequencies. The EM spectrum is divided into seven areas in order of decreasing wavelength and increasing energy and frequency. These areas are: 1. Radio waves. 2. Microwaves. 3. Infrared (IR). 4. Visible light. 5. Ultraviolet light (UV). 6. X-rays. 7. Gamma rays.

Ghost investigators monitor electromagnetic fields with meters to determine if a spirit is present. If a spirit is nearby, the EM field will increase substantially. The anatomy of a spirit appears to be made up of energy consisting of some sort of an electromagnetic field. The strengths of the fields will determine the strength of the spirit and how close it is to the investigator. Infrared light which is in the EM spectrum, is used with infrared cameras at night to spot apparitions or Orbs. Radio frequencies which are also in the electromagnetic spectrum, are used to pick up EVPs (electronic voice phenomenons) with devices called, “Spirit Boxes”. Basically the Spirit Box is an AM/FM radio which sweeps radio frequencies looking for voices during an investigation.

Back in the day before cable TV and flat screen monitors, the CRT (cathode ray tube). TVs which consisted of a vacuum picture tube, would pick up strange voices when the local (over the air) TV stations would shut down at night. The TV’s static or what was called “snow” was the result of no stations being broadcasted. This noise consisted of electromagnetic frequencies. For you older readers that remember those TV sets, part of that snow you would see, let’s say on channel 3, was part of a visual example of the Big Bang or CMB (Cosmic Microwave Background).

UFO investigators look for electromagnetic fields to determine if an object emitting high energy left a residual EM footprint at a particular sight. If you watched my episodes of Alien Highway, on one episode you saw me pick up high levels of EMF while investigating a possible UFO site in Missouri. The EMF was so strong that it affected one of our cameraman’s camera, causing it to reset. Before we started using EMF meters, UFO investigators simply used a compass. If the compass needle spun erratically, then you were near an EM field.

The picture below is the Roswell Rock which was my investigation. The rock was found not far from the famed Roswell crash site and emitts a polarized magnetic field. I tried over a year to debunk this rock as some type of merchandise you could buy, but never found a seller or someone who manufactured anything like this. After my press release in Roswell, you can now find copies.

As a Animal Mutilation investigator, I’ve picked up high EMF readings from some of the animals themselves! Pictured below, this particular cattle mutilation the needle on my EMF meter was swinging full scale and “pegging” over 100 microteslas! The Earth’s magnetic field is 50, so there was a tremendous EMF associated within the head of this animal. I contacted my meters’ manufacturer and spoke with one of the designers. He said it appeared I was picking up a residual electromagnetic field from the animal’s flesh. Was something with a power source consisting of a large amount of EM responsible for this mutilation? Anyway, over a period of time any EM I’ve ever measured would naturally dissipate away from the measured location. Mother Nature strikes back.

As a seasoned UFO/Paranormal Field Investigator I’ve crossed lines into other investigations because I see a pattern. I got into Bigfoot investigations because sometimes there are Bigfoot sightings around areas where UFO’s have been reported. I originally got into ghost investigations because sometimes the witness would mistake a ghost for an alien presence, or visa-versa. The more I ventured into crossing investigations, the more I saw a common denominator, EMF.

EMF Cross-Over Theory:

I see a pattern most investigators can’t see because they don’t tend to venture into other types of paranormal investigations.

EMF Experiment using electro-magnets to create an Electromagnetic Field.

In ghost investigations, spirits are monitored using an EMF meter, but can an EMF source be used to enhance spirit activities? One of my experiments was to see if an EMF source could trigger spirit activity. I used AC powered electro-magnets to create an EMF field as a way of, fishing for ghosts. I had some luck, but when I used that particular experiment in a field where UFO activity was present, I got really good results. It appears UFO’s or in this case, “Balls of Light”, are more in tune to electromagnetic fields, than ghosts are. The battery drainage ghost investigators experience while running an investigation is not the ghosts themselves wanting to drain the batteries, but I believe it’s their essence or EMF energy absorbing the battery power. My EMF experiment was to see if a generated EMF source could manifest a spirit, but that didn’t happen, but I did get some EVP results. So do spirits use EMF or just give off EMF? Maybe a bit of both.

Some of my animal mutilation investigations, residual EMF is found. I’ve measured higher levels of EMF not only on the animal, but in areas where the animal was laying. Sometimes animals are lying in a mysterious ground depression, and sometimes I’ve picked up higher levels of EMF from within that ground depression. Depending on the investigation, the nearer to the time of death of the animal, the more chances of catching high levels of EMF.

With UFO investigations, high levels of EMF are sometimes found in areas where the witness says an object touched down, like ground depressions or disturbances in vegetation. Sometimes high levels of EMF are found in structures where the witness claims there was an entity sighted, and sometimes high EMF is measured in areas where Balls of Light have been seen. A good UFO detective will look for any evidence validating the witnesses testimony, so sometimes unusual EM fields becomes that evidence. We can also locate the exact spot of the sighting with an EMF meter.

Note on Balls of Light:
Just to clarify, Balls of Light are not Orbs. Balls of Light are mechanical probes just like the Foo Fighters seen during World War II. The electro-magnetic energy they give off is the result of their mechanics and/or propulsion. Orbs on the other hand are spiritual life forms containing different types of dimensional electro-magnetic energy. But to keep all options open, Balls of Light could also be some type of mechanical biological hybrid too!

So how does the EMF Cross-Over work with aliens and spirits?

Concentrated electro-magnetic fields created by a spirit or spirit’s presence, could be picked up by something who has the technology to monitor bursts of low level radiation. And that’s what EMF is, non-ionizing radiation. Maybe these individuals are curious why these energy fields pop up, or maybe these guys know certain signatures are emanating from spirits, and can monitor or communicate with them. My theory on spirits is, they’re intelligent dimensional beings. If aliens understand this concept fully, then they would be able to communicate with them too!

Alien visitations are associated with very complicated technology and this technology appears to leave EM traces. These higher levels of EMF could attract ghosts as a way of them using the energy for either manifestation, communication, or the ability to open doorways to go back to where they came. Or, maybe they’re just curious or may want to communicate with the aliens too! Either way and whatever explanation you want to give, it appears in some cases, they attract each other.

How about a Cross-Over with Bigfoot?

Bigfoot and EMF is interesting. I believe the reason Bigfoots keep eluding us, is due to their heightened senses. They are very in tune to their environment and will notice if something slightly changes within it. You’ve heard of women’s intuition, twin telepathic communication, or personally experienced that feeling you’re being watched only to turn your head and find some person staring at you? You couldn’t see that person with your peripheral vision, but you felt them staring at you. Well we all have this sixth sense, but over the centuries evolution has caused our brains to block it out. Our eyes are even capable of seeing IR, but our brains at one point decided we didn’t need that luxury anymore, so it’s blocked out. While over the years we humans rely more on technology, Bigfoot is much different. Bigfoot doesn’t need to rely on technology, because they’ve fine tuned and heightened their senses to survive and allude danger, especially humans. They may have the ability to see game camera IR flashes, or hear game camera sonar activation tones, or smell human scents, but they may also be able to sense our presence too!

Now if there is an alien base or any type of alien activity near a Bigfoot location, I bet Bigfoot knows where they are. Their heightened senses not only will pick up the electro-magnetic energy emanating from the alien’s technology, but their other senses will pick up their presence too! So when a UFO is reported in an area where Bigfoot sightings have been reported, it could be nothing more than the occupants of the UFO monitoring Bigfoot or Bigfoot monitoring the aliens.

One of my EMF experiments I ran, was in a location where not only animal mutilations had occurred, but Balls of Light were seen and encounters with strange hooded entities took place. I introduced a large electromagnetic field just outside a patch of woods, changing the environment and hoping for a sighting. When I ran the experiment, a Ball of Light popped up briefly behind some trees in the woods to take a peek. It quickly disappeared. I think it wanted to know or record the changes in the environment I introduced. My conclusion is, these guys are here to monitor changes in specific areas, or maybe where they’re staying. If a Bigfoot was nearby my experiment, I bet he would have taken a peek too!

Oh and BTW: There’s more than one Skinwalker ranch in the US, and this is one of them, but I promised the area residents not to disclose its location. Activity has been going on for so long, that locals have built a viewing platform to watch it. No humans have been harmed or scared intentionally throughout the years, but animals have been mutilated and spirits have been seen too!

As humans we deal with EMF every day from microwave ovens, cellphones, and hair dryers, to about any electrical device we come in contact with, so we’re living and breathing EMF. Ghost activity creates EMF signatures and UFO/Alien activity leave EMF signatures and yes, we leave EMF signatures too! EMF is everywhere in our human body, our cells conduct electrical currents and we retain an electrical charge like a capacitor. So yes, we can also be monitored by aliens, spirits or Bigfoot by our EMF signatures.

It appears EMF is the common factor.

So as an investigator what is the number one tool outside of a camera you should have in your kit? Yep, an EMF meter, preferably a TriField Natural Em Meter that can filter out man-made EM signatures. Because with that specific tool, you can not only investigate ghosts sightings but UFO sightings as well. And I haven’t even touched on earth bound EMF anomalies. Some areas like the Skinwalker Ranch in Utah, the Bradshaw Ranch in Arizona, and the undisclosed location I ran my EMF experiment in, may have higher than normal levels of EMF naturally. It could be due to mineral, spiritual, cosmic, extraterrestrial, or maybe all of the above, or even something we really know nothing about like the Vortex’s in Sedona, Arizona. Locations like those and others throughout the US experience not only UFO activity, but all kinds of other scary activity as well. You would need to “watch your back” while investigating those sights.

These high energy EMF sites could be beacons attracting all kinds of paranormal activity, or the unusual paranormal activity could be the beacon itself. Either way there’s only one way to be sure, and that’s with an EMF meter.

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