UFO Surveillance To Be Conducted By Network of Small Telescopes Around the Globe

The Galileo Project

     A few days after the government released its report on UFOs, Avi Loeb got a call from the Harvard astronomy department that set off an unusual series of events.
By Alex Seitz-Wald
NBC News

An administrative assistant informed Loeb, a professor of science at Harvard, that he was getting some new research money. And shortly after, a billionaire paid Loeb a visit on the front porch of his home to ask him about aliens.

His new Galileo Project — named after the 17th century Italian astronomer known for his use of telescopes and for the controversy he generated over his findings — plans to install a network of small telescopes around the globe to watch the skies in the hopes of capturing even a single high-resolution image of something “weird,” as Loeb puts it.

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