Glowing Disk over Peruvian Andes near Machu Picchu

Some believe that ancient Machu Picchu in Peru and the Teotihuacan Pyramid of the Moon in New Mexico are not only archaeological wonders, but also evidence that ancient astronauts visited these areas and may still visit these places given the many unexplained objects in the sky that appeared above or near these locations over the years. 

Unexplained objects like a glowing disk over Peruvian Andes near Machu Picchu, the disk has a copper color which gives off a glow and looks very geometric and does not resemble a reflection. Or a strange object, that is best described as a humanoid figure sitting on an aerial vehicle, that appeared above Teotihuacan Pyramid of the Moon, New Mexico, or a strange colorful object and a UFO-like anomaly that both appeared over Machu Picchu. source:

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