Former Intelligence Official Claims There Is An Hidden Alien Base In The Mojave Desert

According to the claim of a self-described retired defense intelligence officer, who goes by the alias Añjali, deep in the Mojave Desert in the southwest of the United States is a hidden base inside a mountain where extraterrestrials live. 

Añjali, who’s real name is Angelia Lynn Johnston, said she met the “higher beings” on January 21, 2018. She announced that she will be bringing an astronaut and scientists to the secret base so they can meet the beings as well. There is no set date but according to Añjali, it will happen before the end of 2021. 

According to Mystery Wire in front of a small gathering of people, she told her story of meeting two strangers who showed her the tunnels to the base. She said it was there she met two aliens of different races who communicated with her through her consciousness. Check out the news conference.

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