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Hydrogen is our simplest element because each atom of hydrogen has only one proton. Hydrogen is also the most abundant element in the universe. Stars like our sun consist mostly of hydrogen. The sun is essentially a giant ball of hydrogen and helium gases. Hydrogen also occurs naturally on Earth in compound form with other elements in gases, solids and liquids. Like H2O water, each water molecule contains one oxygen and two hydrogen atoms. Hydrogen is also found in natural forms like, hydrocarbons which are found in natural gas, coal, and petroleum.

Water covers 71 percent of the Earth which makes it a very unique planet and with all that water comes hydrogen. Our planet is also an abundant source of fossil fuels which also creates hydrogen, so if someone out there likes hydrogen, then our planet becomes very attractive.

Nearly all of the hydrogen used in the United States is used by industry for refining petroleum, treating metals, producing fertilizers, and processing foods. The U.S. petroleum refineries also use hydrogen to lower the sulfur content of fuels. For space exploration, NASA has been using hydrogen since the 1950’s as rocket fuel and fuel cells to power electrical hardware for spacecraft.

Hydrogen fuel cells produce electricity by combining Hydrogen and Oxygen atoms. Hydrogen reacts with oxygen across an electrochemical cell like a battery to produce electricity, water, and small amounts of heat. The automotive industry is also experimenting with hydrogen in fuel cells for high efficiency, zero-emission electric vehicles. Eventually there may be hydrogen fueling stations across the country.

What about UFOs?

It appears UFO’s may like Hydrogen too! Multiple UFO and Balls of Light sightings are seen around water sources. Because each water molecule contains one oxygen and two hydrogen atoms, it’s pretty simple to separate the hydrogen for use.

An Electrolyzer uses electrolysis which is the process of using electricity to split water into hydrogen and oxygen.

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You can do a simple experiment at home separating hydrogen and oxygen from water. Using a 9 volt battery, stretch out two paper clips or wires in right angles and attach one to the positive end of the battery and the other to the negative side. Put the other ends in a glass of water. The current in battery will start an electrolysis process and start separating the oxygen atoms and hydrogen atoms in forms of bubbles. To speed the process up, add salt to the water.

Caution: Be careful not to not drop the battery in the water!

Salt? Our oceans are salty and UFO’s have been seen going in and out of of them. Underwater base? Maybe, but also an underwater refinery? Did you know Christopher Columbus had a UFO sighting? Around 10 p.m. on Oct. 11, 1492, Christopher Columbus’s ship’s log stated he saw a glimmer in the distance as he stood on the deck of the Santa María. Was it a UFO, our Native Americans have stories handed down through their generations talking about travelers. UFO’s aren’t anything new.

Can UFO’s be using hydrogen as a fuel source? If we have the technology to extract hydrogen here on this planet, then higher technology can exist to extract it from space for travel too!

Hydrogen here on Earth can also be created from our natural recourses. Methane is a hydrocarbon that is the major component of natural gas. Natural gas and crude oil pockets are everywhere across the US. Natural gas is a fossil fuel and like other fossil fuels such as coal and oil, natural gas forms from the breakdown of plants, animals, and microorganisms that lived millions of years ago.

Crude oil is made up of a mixture of hydrocarbons – hydrogen and carbon atoms. It exists in liquid form in underground reservoirs in the tiny spaces within sedimentary rocks.

Shale natural gas resources are found in shale formations that contain significant accumulations of natural gas and/or oil. These resources, or plays, are found in about 30 states. The Barnett Shale in Texas has been producing natural gas for more than a decade.

Guess what! The famed Skinwalker ranch in the Unita Basin, Utah, is located right in the middle of an oil/natural gas reserve. Also Colorado and New Mexico’s San Juan Basin high in UFO sightings, is also a shale rock hot spot. Both areas are enriched with hydrogen.

Could some UFO hotspots across the US be directly related to crude oil and natural gas pockets? Could hydrogen and maybe other elements from fossil fuels be of interest to UFOs?

Also interesting is, much of the petroleum and natural gas developed in the U.S. was created in the earth’s crust at the site of ancient seas by the decay of sea life too! As a result, these shale, petroleum and gas deposits often occur in aquifers containing brine (salt water).

If you look at this aquifer map and compare it to the previous Shale Gas map, you’ll start to see some patterns.

Recently in the Astrophysical Journal, new observations showed that the local interstellar space contains 40% more hydrogen atoms than some prior studies have suggested. It’s also theoretically possible to collect fuel from near empty space, the Bussard Ramjet is an example of an engine designed to do just that. The principle is using magnetic fields to collect and concentrate hydrogen atoms from the near vacuum of space, then a fusion rocket would use some of that for propulsion and the rest for converting into power for the ships components.

As mentioned previously, any type of hydrogen extraction will cause EMF. Electric and magnetic fields are invisible areas of energy (also called radiation). The EM field can be visualized as a pattern of circular field lines surrounding its source. This can be not only detected but measured too! Here on Earth, one way to see the direction of a magnetic field is with a simple compass. Instead of pointing North to the Earth’s natural EM source, it will point in the direction to the nearest EM source. Early UFO investigators used compasses to detect EM Fields and their directions. Hydrogen extraction creates these fields which our EMF meters pick up in UFO hotspots. Is the EMF we pick up a by-product of UFO propulsion? Are certain UFO hotspots across the US that have high EMF readings Alien controlled hydrogen extraction sites?

One thing we should look at and consider is, oil and natural gas reserve locations including aquifers. Maybe we can look at these areas as clues to locate underground UFO bases especially where UFO activity is reported. Earth’s abundance of water and 165 million years of previous prehistoric life made our planet one heck of a hydrogen source. Since we know hydrogen can be a power source, how about other intelligent life forms? Is hydrogen the key for interstellar propulsion? An abundant source of power throughout space? Of course it is the only question is;

Are we just learning about a power source that’s been known by other intelligent civilizations for 1000’s of years?

Maybe there’s other applications for hydrogen we’re not aware of yet? We breath oxygen but could another life form breath hydrogen? Aliens?

Either way, hydrogen may be a clue to not only locate UFO hot spots but also used as way of attracting our UFO friends. But one other thing we should remember is?

If we know how to use hydrogen not as a power source but as a destructive force, then most likely our UFO friends know that as well. Let’s try not to piss them off.

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