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As an investigator I do a lot of internet research pertaining to my investigations, but I also enjoy researching UFO related web sites too! I do have a ton of books I also use as reference material from writers who’ve done pain-staking research, like Richard Dolan, but there are a lot of good websites out there in which unknown writers have done excellent work too! And for that, I thank them.

So for this blog I’m going to touch on a few websites which talk about very early UFO type sightings to show the UFO phenomenon is really nothing new. I’ll add a direct link to those sites.

UFO sightings are nothing new to this planet and for centuries people all over the world have seen strange objects in the sky long before the creation of the airplane. Here are a few cool ufo-type events throughout ancient history.

The “wondersandmarvels” website states the earliest UFO sightings were reported by Roman historians Livy, Orosius, Seneca, Plutarch, Pliny, and Josephus. Here are a few reports from those historians.

In Rome, 43 BC, what appeared today resembling a missile launch was seen rising up from the horizon up to the sky accompanied with loud clashing noises.

In 91 BC villagers from Spoleto, Italy watched an unknown object perform a vertical approach and take-off maneuver. The object was described as a ‘great gold colored ball which rolled down from the sky toward the ground, then rose up again”.

In 104 BC, people from two Italian towns watched as “flaming spears and oblong-shaped shields rushed at each other in a type of aerial battle”.

In 217 BC frightened witnesses in Rome, watched a formation of “shiny round shields of polished bronze” move across the sky at incredible speed. And around the same time not too far away in the country side east of Rome, people there talked about seeing strange “forms of men completely dressed in shining white” mysteriously moving around on the ground.

In 214 BC, Hadria (an ancient city in Italy) people claimed to have seen a flying object in the sky that resembled a marble altar. The altar carried men dressed in shining white dresses. The flying craft then vanished in the sky.

The Roman historian and essayist Plutarch wrote about a strange UFO-type event. In 74 BC there was a battle between a Roman army and the army of King Mithridates VI of Pontus. Plutarch wrote, “with no apparent change of weather, the sky burst asunder and a huge, flame-like body was seen to fall between the two armies. In shape it was most like a wine-jar, and in color like molten silver.” Plutarch also wrote, thousands of onlookers, including King Mithridates VI himself, confirmed the truth of the story.


Vimana: The Ancient Indian Aerospace Craft – Time for Indigenisation

What happened in India in the BC period? Vimanas happened.

The Sanskrit word “Vimana” means, (a part that has been measured and set aside) but other meanings are temple, palace and mythological flying machines? The flying machine definition was common in ancient Indian texts, also describing their use in warfare and able to easily fly into space and underwater. Also known as “mechanical birds” later in texts around 500 BC they were described as a self-moving aerial car without the use of animals. In some modern Indian languages, the word “Vimana” basically means, aircraft.

400 BC the stories of flying chariots seemed not a myth but reality. Manuscripts that were compiled by ancient Rishis scribes thousands of years ago referenced aeronautics, and construction of various types of aircraft for civil aviation and for warfare. Ancient texts talk about different types of propulsion from jet engine types with loud noises that would frighten elephants, to some type of electrical power..  

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Unfortunately with every super power with super technology, comes super wars using that technology; Ancient India text talks about that too!

One of the scariest stories of the ancient Hindu Vedas comes from a particular translation of the Drona Parva which is the seventh book in the Mahabharata. The book talks about a Drona or a warrior who is appointed leader of an army in the Kurukshetra War. In this book the war contains battles consisting of explosions that leveled all structures, killing animals that were engulfed in flames, women and children dying instantly, and warriors metal armor melting on their skins. It also mentions birds falling from the sky due some type of projectile charged with all the power of the universe as bright as a thousand suns. Villagers experienced tremendous roars like a thousand drums beaten at once, loud explosions and they saw many hundreds of fiery wheels doing battle above their heads.

Is there any evidence of this massive nuclear type war? In the Indus Valley of modern day Pakistan and India, remains of two ancient civilizations exist. They appear to have been deserted suddenly despite being the center of technology and culture for centuries. The Mahenjo Daro site appears to have been completely flattened after 600 years of occupancy.

Was it destroyed due to a nuclear type war consisting of flying machines?

The jury is still out on that one, but some say radioactive ash was found in the soil at Mahenjo Daro, unfortunately no actual evidence of that seems to exists.

But what about the Vimana’s? If there existed hundreds of flying machines you would think one would have been found by now.

My guess is, if there is any truth to these stories, then the Indian people themselves were not responsible for the technology, but were introduced to it by extraterrestrials. The culture at that time wouldn’t be able to comprehend such technology therefore who ever was responsible for it was considered a God.

So let’s say aliens with advanced technology visited our planet. Then they took refuge near occupied cities and started interacting with the locals, they would either be perceived as Gods or demons. How they present themselves would determine if the meek would either trust, distrust or obey them. Now pertaining to the stories from India, the Vimanas, the aliens flew, were kept in a Vimana Griha, a type of aircraft hanger and were powered by a yellowish-white liquid. Today on top of every Hindu temple or pyramid, you can find a Vimana, is this a tribute to the flying machines?

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So the writings state, after a period of time conflict and distrust between the Gods (alien beings) sparked fighting between themselves. Advanced aerial technology can breed advanced aerial warfare technology, as we see in modern times; So these Gods, (aliens) took their battles to the sky which is mentioned in the Kurukshetra War documents. The alien side who won the battle, could have made the decision to leave the planet and take all their technology with them, thus no evidence is left behind. This is the case with ancient Sumerian folklore. They too talk about a great battle between Gods (Anunnaki) who had intermingled with humans. When the battle was over, some Gods (ie aliens) were left on this planet to live with the earthlings they grew attached to, and the others left taking all the technology with them. This happened around 2144–2124 BC, long before the Vimana battles in India. Could the tales of the Kurukshetra War in India actually be referring to the Anunnaki conflict which happened during ancient Sumerian time? Seems interesting that maybe two separate alien races visited our planet and eventually fought among themselves for what? Control of the people, the planet?

Well these Sumerian Gods or aliens are depicted as taller humanoids with elongated heads. Some researchers believe the wrapping of peoples skulls in ancient times to modify their heads, was to mimic or pay tribute to their Gods. Or should I say Aliens?

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Now going into another realm, the realm of Mythology, if an alien visited Earth, let’s say around 800 BCE and flew down from the sky, it might be called Zeus, the God of the sky. Or if it came out of the water, it might be referred as Poseidon, the God of the sea. Today we have UFO sightings over land and sea and the US government doesn’t know what to call them, so they refer to them as, “other” or UAPs, Unidentified Aerial Phenomena’s. So based on our history’s past and current sightings, these things have been around for probably as long as we’ve been around. Are they aliens or a very advanced race of humans living on this planet like Marvel’s, advanced kingdom of Wakanda? Either way, whoever they are, they’re here, and probably here to stay.

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