A Gift Guide For Science Nerds

With the winter holidays slowly creeping up on us, time is running out to find the perfect presents for your loved ones. Holiday shopping can be really stressful. Plus, if you have a science lover in your life, you may be completely stumped on what to get them. Luck for you, we can ease the pressure of holiday shopping and help you find the right gift for your science nerd.

Our online store, My Science Shop, curated this list of top-rated science gifts for the 2021 Christmas and holiday season. Whether you’re in need of a quirky present (peep our Chemistry Pint Glass Set) or a thoughtful and inspiring gift, we’ve got you covered!

Check out the list below for a unique gift to give someone special. You can also head over to MyScienceShop.com to browse our collection of globes, toys, posters, puzzles, shirts and much more. 

We would like to wish our Discover fans a fun-filled and adventurous holiday season!

As low as $44.90/box plus FREE Shipping and a BONUS gift

Are you stumped on what gift to give your space geek this year? Allow the team of experts at Astronomy magazine do the shopping for you. The Space & Beyond Box is a quarterly subscription box for astronomy lovers and backyard skywatchers. Not only will the recipient deepen their understanding of the cosmos, they’ll have a little fun while they’re at it. 

Another benefit of the Space & Beyond box is that receiving a box is like getting multiple presents in one. Inside every box, there’s 5-7 curated items, including globes, books, space rocks, models, and more. There’s an element of surprise, as each installment of the box focuses on a different space theme that isn’t revealed until the box ships. 

Previous themes have included: 

  • Galaxies Collection

  • Lunar Collection

  • Night Sky Viewing Collection

  • Planetary Science Collection

  • Comets & Asteroids Collection 

What will the theme of the next Space & Beyond Box be? Well, you’ll have to order a box for your friends and family to find out. 


Explore the world in the first-ever calendar from Discover magazine! Beautiful images, accompanied by thought-provoking captions, will take you around the world every month with these scenes on, in, and above the Earth and its seas. This is the perfect gift for anyone who loves science.


The annual Observer’s Handbook is an astronomy guidebook that stands out from the rest. Since 1907, this book has served as a must-have reference guide for amateur astronomers across North America seeking essential information for locating and observing a wide range of astronomical phenomena. Highly regarded, this book is the perfect gift for any backyard observer who wants to better understand what they’re observing and how to grow in their hobby.

Celebrate the science of your favorite brew. This set of glasses celebrates the complex array of molecules that give beer its unique qualities and flavors. Molecules such as humulene, which is responsible for that quintessential hoppy aroma, or ethyl acetate, which gives ales their fruity flavor.


Whether you’re a professional researcher or a professional couch potato, you can rock these socks! They go just as well with loungewear as they do with a lab coat. This set of spunky socks is the perfect way to spruce up your wardrobe and show off your love of science. Includes 5 pairs of comfortable Turkish cotton socks adorned with atoms, equations, and more.


Wear it to lecture or lab, or just go about your day following in the footsteps of these iconic female scientists. Made from 100% recycled canvas, you’ll love this high-quality double layer, reversible tote bag that pays tribute to some of history’s most innovative women, including Marie Curie, Rosalind Franklin, and many others. 

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