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Want to capture UFO evidence? Hang around water and oil fields!

This is a tricky one. UFO sightings occur all over the United States, but one question is always hard to answer, “Where are they coming from?” Underground? Space? Other dimensions? And, how are they propelled and what do they use for fuel?

As an investigator I’ve always noticed a pretty common thing about UFOs, they mostly like to hang around water sources. From flying crafts to Balls of Light, there’s always a water source nearby. Why? Just coincidence or something more?

One of my recent blogs “Hydrogen! Do Aliens Like It?”, I touched on my hypothesis that Aliens are using hydrogen resources here on Earth. Is it used for their propulsion? Not sure, but it appears a lot of my sighting investigations are near sources of hydrogen.

Water or H2O, contains one oxygen and two hydrogen atoms, so there’s plenty of hydrogen there. But hydrogen can be extracted from other sources too, one being fossil fuels.

Hydrogen is found in natural forms like, hydrocarbons which are found in natural gas, coal, and petroleum. Water covers 71 percent of the Earth which makes it a very unique planet, but our planet is also an abundant source of fossil fuels which can also create hydrogen. If Hydrogen is a very important element for a specific species of Aliens, then our planet becomes very attractive to set up a vacation home and maybe research the occupants.

What is interesting is, hydrogen really doesn’t exist in abundance in our atmosphere. NASA states the gases in Earth’s atmosphere include:
Nitrogen — 78 percent
Oxygen — 21 percent
Argon — 0.93 percent
Carbon dioxide — 0.04 percent
Plus trace amounts of neon, helium, methane, krypton and hydrogen.

So if you were an alien in need of hydrogen, then our atmosphere isn’t a great source to get it. Even though trace amounts of hydrogen are in the air we breath, our bodies only use oxygen. The over abundance of nitrogen we also breath in, is simply exhaled out with carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is produced in the cells of our body in order to break down the food we eat.

So if Aliens needed vast amounts Hydrogen for propulsion or personal use, and can’t get it from our atmosphere, where do they go? Water for one.

Water covers 71 percent of the Earth and our underground water storage holds three times as much as our oceans. So we have a lot of water.

So what about fossil fuels? As mentioned in my previous post.

Hydrogen here on Earth can also be created from our natural recourses. Methane is a hydrocarbon that is the major component of natural gas. Natural gas and crude oil pockets are everywhere across the US. Natural gas is a fossil fuel and like other fossil fuels such as coal and oil, natural gas forms from the breakdown of plants, animals, and microorganisms that lived millions of years ago.

Crude oil is made up of a mixture of hydrocarbons – hydrogen and carbon atoms. It exists in liquid form in underground reservoirs in the tiny spaces within sedimentary rocks or shale formations. These resources, or “Plays”, are found in about 30 states.

So is there another resource where aliens can get hydrogen? Yes!

Hydrogen is also the most abundant element in space. Stars like our sun consist mostly of hydrogen and in a recent article from NASA, it appears there’s more Hydrogen in space than we once thought.

NASA Article: New Evidence Our Neighborhood in Space Is Stuffed With Hydrogen

Excerpt from article: Measurements from NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft are revising our estimates of one key property of the interstellar medium: how thick it is. Findings published today in the Astrophysical Journal share new observations that the local interstellar medium contains approximately 40% more hydrogen atoms than some prior studies suggested. The results unify a number of otherwise disparate measurements and shed new light on our neighborhood in space. (Link to full article at end of blog.)

So if an Alien species uses Hydrogen for their propulsion and maybe need it to sustain life, then they could have the technology to grab it from space for travel. We’ve been experimenting using Hydrogen from space for some time now, the Bussard Ramjet is an example of an engine designed to do just that. The principle is using magnetic fields to collect and concentrate hydrogen atoms from the near vacuum of space, then a fusion rocket would use some of that for propulsion and the rest for converting into power for the ships components.

Using my Hydrogen Hypothesis, I look at three things:
1. Major UFO sighting locations.
2. Sources for hydrogen.
3. Locations for hydrogen sources.

The following is a map of major UFO sightings which occurred throughout history in the US. Obviously the US is covered with UFO sighting reports, but for the beginning of my hypothesis, I purposely cut through the clutter only to look at the sightings that are significant. Why? Because maybe the majority of the significant sightings might be in areas where alien visitation occurs more. Maybe specific areas where the resources they need are available, like hydrogen.

Famous Sightings and their locations.

Sighting Names and Locations: Lubbock Lights, Texas : Roswell 1947 Crash, New Mexico : Skinwalker Ranch, Utah : USS Nimitz Carrier 11/04 UAP event off the coast of San Diego : Area 51 base, Nevada : Kenneth Arnold sighting Mount Rainier, Washington 6/1/47 : Aztec UFO crash 03/25/48, New Mexico : Kelly, Kentucky 8/21/55 Alien Sighting : Levelland, Texas UFO 1957 Sighting : Phoenix Lights 03/1997, Arizona : Maury Island, Washington 06/47 Men in Black sighting : Maysville, Kentucky Thomas Mantell incident 1/7/48 : Fargo, North Dakota, 10/1/48 UFO Encounter : McMinnville, Oregon UFO sightings 5/11/50 : Carson Sink, Nevada 4/24/52 UFO Encounter : Flatwoods, West Virgina Alien Encounter 9/12/52 : Lancaster, New Hampshire 9/19/61 Betty/Barney Hill : Socorro, New Mexico UFO encounter 4/24/64 : Kecksburg Pennsylvania 12/9/65 UFO encounter : Leary, Georgia 1969 Pres. Carter UFO Sighting : Pascagoula, Mississippi 10/11/73 Abduction : Snowflake, Arizona 11/5/75 Travis Walton abduction : Stephen, Minnesota 8/27/79 Deputy Val Johnson incident : Dayton, Texas 12/29/80 Cash/Landrum Incident : Gulf Breeze, Florida 11/11/87 UFO Sightings : Highland, Illinois 1/5/2000 St. Clair Triangle : Kingman, Arizona 5/21/53 UFO Crash : Trinidad, Colorado UFO Sightings, Cattle Mutilations : Weston, Colorado UFO Sighting/Cattle Mutilations : Walsenburg, Colorado UFO Sightings/Cattle Mutilations: Alamosa, Colorado Snippy Mutilation 9/7/67 : Salida, Colorado 1995 Tim Edwards UFO Sightings : Westcliffe, Colorado Animal Mutilations : Kansas City, Missouri Animal Mutilation : Joplin, Missouri Spook Lights : Cape Girardeau, Missouri 04/41 UFO Crash : Kecksburg, Pennsylvania 12/65 UFO Crash : Colorado/Utah border Bob White Artifact, 1985 : Dulce, New Mexico Underground Base.

The next three maps show crude oil and natural gas reserve locations.

This map shows locations where Crude Oil reserves are located. The darker areas of the map show’s where a significant amount of crude oil output comes from.

This map shows our Natural Gas reserve locations. Very similar to the Crude Oil map, Natural Gas also occurs with deposits of Crude Oil which is called, “Associated Natural Gas”. Natural Gas is also found in Coal deposits called, “Coalbed Methane”. Hydrogen can be easily extracted from these resources.

This map shows the areas where Shale Gas Plays are.
Shale Gas Play ( A set of discovered, undiscovered or possible natural gas accumulations that exhibit similar geological characteristics. Shale plays are located within basins, which are large-scale geologic depressions, often hundreds of miles across, which also may contain other oil and natural gas resources.

This map shows the aquifers across the United States. An aquifer is a body of porous rock or sediment saturated with groundwater. The groundwater enters the aquifer locations seeping through the soil, then can move in the aquifer through springs and wells.

This combination of maps show UFO sighting locations compared to the Aquifer and Shale Gas Plays map.

Looking at the Aquifer map, the UFO map and the Shale Gas Plays map, you can start to see a slight pattern. This isn’t a significant pattern or obvious one, but a pattern nevertheless.

As a veteran UFO Field Investigator I look for patterns in UFOlogy to try and gather evidence. One of my most popular pattern hypothesis was the 37th Parallel pattern that sparked Ben Mezrich’s New York Times best selling book, “The 37th Parallel, The Secret Truth Behind America’s UFO Highway.” Based on my investigations and other evidence, I clearly saw multiple UFO traveled highways across the US. The 37th Parallel appeared to be a UFO Turn Pike. Not the only one, just the most popular travel route they use.

Now if you’re an Alien and need Hydrogen for fuel or whatever, the 37th Parallel route will hit the most hydrogen gas stations in the form of aquifers. Also looking at the Shale Gas Play map, there’s an abundant amount of UFO hydrogen truck stops on the 37th Parallel in the form of Natural Gas and Crude Oil.

My 37 Parallel theory shoots across the US on these basins: San Joaquin Basin, Uinta Basin, Paradox Basin, San Juan Basin, Raton Basin, Anadarko Basin, Forest City Basin, Arkoma Basin, Illinois Basin, Appalachian Basin.

There’s also numerous accounts of UFOs throughout history near water sources, some may be attributed to possible underwater bases, but some cases the water is too shallow, like streams, ponds, lakes and rivers. Either way I’ve personally investigated and captured on media, Balls of Light near water sources, so there’s something to this hypothesis that can’t be denied.

At this time Hydrogen seems to make the most sense for this correlation between UFO’s and water or oil/natural gas reserves, and I think I’m on to something huge. Mentioned in another one of my posts, these areas also can create large signatures of EMF, (electromagnetic fields) which could also be a major player in harnessing power.

The following UFO events were in Shale/Natural Gas/Oil Basin’s:

Skinwalker Ranch, Utah – Uinta Basin.
Salida, Colorado Tim Edwards UFO Sightings – Unita Basin
Bob White Artifact, Colorado – Unita Basin
Cattle Mutilations, Southern Colorado – Raton Basin
Dulce Base, New Mexico- Raton Basin
USS Nimitz Carrier Sightings – Los Angeles Basin.
Cash/Landrum Incident Dayton, Texas – Western Gulf Basin
Pascagoula Texas, Abduction -LA-MS Basin
Gulf Breeze, Florida UFO Sightings – TX-LA-MS Basin
Highland Illinois UFO Incident – Illinois Basin
Cape Girardeau, Missouri UFO Crash – Illinois Basin
Kelly, KY Alien Sighting – Illinois Basin
Flatwoods, West Virginia Alien Encounter – Appalachian Basin
Kecksburg, Pennsylvania UFO Craft Sighting – Appalachian Basin
Lancaster, New Hampshire Betty/Barney Hill – Appalachian Basin
Roswell, New Mexico UFO Crash – Permian Basin
Levelland, Texas UFO Encounter – Permian Basin
Lubbock, Texas Strange Lights – Permian Basin
Joplin, Missouri Spook Lights – Forest City Basin

Are these events relating to water sources and Shale Basins just a coincidence or is there something unique about my hypothesizes? We have a really good understanding that UFOs like to be near water sources and based on some very interesting places where events have occurred, there’s also Shale Basins. Is Hydrogen the common denominator between Water and Shale or is there something else? As an investigator I have to start somewhere if I want to predict where Alien Bases are or future Alien/UFO events may occur, so this may be a good start.

So far the data looks good and there’s more research needed, but I think I’m on the right track, The Alien Track.

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