‘Doughnut UFO’ Photographed Over Switzerland

'Doughnut UFO' Spotted Over Switzerland 11-8-21

     On the night of Monday, Nov. 8, a photographer in Zurich, Switzerland, who goes by the Twitter handle @Eavix1Eavix aimed his camera at the sky and snapped several pictures of what he aptly described as a “doughnut UFO.”
By Brandon Specktor

Composed of several bright-blue concentric rings, the flying object looked as much like a spacecraft as a breakfast treat. The photographer suspected he had actually glimpsed SpaceX’s Endeavour capsule, which was scheduled to return to Earth that night.

… it is almost impossible that anyone in Switzerland would have been able to see the craft’s reentry, Marco Langbroek, an amateur satellite tracker and academic researcher at Leiden University in the Netherlands, told Live Science in an email.

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