Dogs Can Develop OCD Too

Excessive handwashing, counting, throat clearing or blinking. These behaviors, sometimes diagnosed as symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) in humans, can also be found in dogs and other animals. Of course, a dog can’t wash its hands repetitively — but it might lick its paw over and over, or suck on its flank until it’s raw. […]

How Cybercriminals Are Targeting Internet-Connected Cameras

Internet-enabled cameras have become ubiquitous in recent years. In many city streets, there is hardly a front door or entrance gate that is not continually watched by cold, silicon-enabled eyes, many of which are connected to the internet and beyond. That makes them attractive targets for cybercriminals who have developed sophisticated bots that routinely trawl […]

Elm & Rye: Complete Review

This article contains affiliate links to products. Discover may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. Even with a healthy diet and making healthy lifestyle choices, many people still have vitamin and nutrient deficiencies. And whether you’re deficient or just want to ensure that your levels are at a proper range, it never […]

Forget Atlantis. 14 Real Cities That Are Completely Underwater

Dive into these real-life versions of Atlantis. The legend of Atlantis is an enduring one. Invented by Plato some 2,300 years ago, he claimed that this utopian civilization, that allegedly existed 9,000 years before even his time, was punished by the gods for becoming selfish, greedy, and amoral and thus sunk into the seas. Which […]

Nasa’s alien-hunting James Webb Space Telescope gets first surprise breakthrough as its lifetime ‘significantly’ extended

Nasa’s new James Webb Space Telescope has seen its first major breakthrough, with the agency announcing it will last “significantly” longer than previously expected. The prevision of the launch last week, and its flight since, mean that it will have enough fuel to “allow support of science operations for significantly more than a 10-year science […]

The New West Under Climate Change: A Rampaging Winter Wildfire

With wind gusts blowing at hurricane strength near Boulder, Colorado, in mere seconds an horrific wildfire raced across swaths of land the size of football fields, devouring hundreds of homes and prompting the evacuation of tens of thousands of people. The governor of Colorado, Jared Polis, has described the fire, which erupted on the day […]

Picturing the Ancient Moon

All in all, the moon looks pretty sprightly despite its 4.5 billion years of age. Forget the craterlike pockmarks and freckles — the Earth’s close companion is still pretty enough to inspire songs, poetry, paintings and even the timing of mating seasons within the animal kingdom.   “The moon is of the Earth. I think everyone […]

The Cabal, Black Magic and Extraterrestrial Life

Exopolitics Today: Dr. Michael Salla interviews Brad on how extraterrestrial life and black magic have been integral components of the global control system created millennia ago to subvert humanity, and has over the last 50 years prevented the emergence of a Star Trek Future.  As the Deep State unravels and cabal leaders escape Earth due […]

UFOs, the Gillibrand Amendment, and the Globalist Revolution – Richard Dolan

The Gillibrand Amendment authorizes a potentially robust UAP/UFO organization within the Pentagon.  But how far can such an organization go, especially in the context of the current top-down globalist revolution?   [embedded content] Share Get link Facebook Twitter Pinterest Email Other Apps Labels UFO ufo and alien disclosure UFO cover-up On December 17, the Farsight […]

UFO / UAP Stalwart, and Former Senator Harry Reid Has Died

With the death of long-time Nevada Sen. Harry Reid, the search for unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) and their potentially otherworldly operators has lost one of its greatest champions.      Reid, whose state is home to the notorious Area 51, was a long-time advocate for increased federal funding and scientific research on UAP, which may […]

Champagne Bubbles: The Science

In a lab in the heart of France’s wine country, a group of researchers carefully positions an ultra-high-speed camera. Like many good scientists, they are devoted to the practice of unpicking the universe’s secrets, seeking to describe the material world in the language of mathematics, physics and chemistry. The object of their study: the bubbles […]

Looking Back at an Eventful 2021 in Volcanic Eruptions

You can all 2021 many things (most of which aren’t publishable in this family venue), but uneventful is not one of them. Now, most of this was due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, but the world of volcanoes saw some unexpected, impressive and deadly eruptions. If you check out the Weekly Volcanic Activity Reports over […]

Why Do We Count Down to the New Year?

A 1930s couple rings in the new year with party blowers and streamers. New Year’s Eve celebrations only began incorporating countdowns decades later, with the first crowd countdown in Times Square taking place in 1979. Photo by FPG / Hulton Archive / Getty Images Few people counted down to anything until the 1960s and 1970s—and […]