Colossal Triangular UFO Recorded Near the Sun (video)

The following pictures that you are about to see were all captured by NASA themselves and in these pictures, you can clearly see what appears to be a massive triangular-shaped UFO that travels around the Sun at incredible speed. The pictures are all legit, they were taken by the Solar Dynamics Observatory and even NASA […]

Defense Department confirms leaked video of unidentified aerial phenomena is real

The Defense Department has confirmed that leaked photos and video of “unidentified aerial phenomena” taken in 2019 are indeed legitimate images of unexplained objects. Photos and videos of triangle-shaped objects blinking and moving through the clouds were taken by Navy personnel, Pentagon spokeswoman Sue Gough said in a statement to CNN. She also confirmed that photos of […]

Legendary astronaut says ‘aliens exist and could be here on Earth’

The first British person to head to space recently opened up about extraterrestrial life. Aliens could exist and they may even be on Earth already, said Dr. Helen Sharman, the first British person to ever visit space. What happened: Sharman told Observer Magazine that alien life likely exists somewhere in the universe. She doesn’t doubt there’s something out there. […]

Scientists say there may be evidence of extraterrestrial life on Venus

Do aliens exist on Venus? It may be too early to tell. A mysterious trace of gas may be teasing the possibility of life on Venus. The scientists said they’ve been searching the galaxy for “biosignatures” that could show simple forms of life across the galaxy. Venus was not seen as a possibility, though, until now. What’s going on? […]

Parker Solar Probe Touches the Sun for the First Time, Bringing New Discoveries

A major milestone and new results from NASA’s Parker Solar Probe were announced Dec. 14 in a press conference at the 2021 American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting in New Orleans. The results have been accepted for publication in Physical Review Letters and the Astrophysical Journal. [embedded content] For the first time in history, a spacecraft […]

This scientist says we shouldn’t try to contact aliens. Here’s why

Mark Buchanan, a physicist in Europe, says we may want to cool it on the hunt for aliens Mark Buchanan, a physicist and writer from Europe, has a rather hot take when it comes to the search for aliens — let’s not find them. In a new piece for The Washington Post, Buchanan suggests that “contacting aliens […]

Do extraterrestrials exist? We don’t need a government report to answer that

Polls show most people don’t believe in UFOs, but they do think aliens exist out there Perhaps no one should be surprised that the recently released government report on UFOs reached few firm conclusions, other than to suggest that the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force that wrote it might do better if it had more money for […]

Matilda McElroy- The Nurse Who Communicated With The Only Survivor Of Roswell UFO Crash

This strange story was published back in 2008 but is still little known even among ufologists.It was narrated by a well-educated and qualified woman called Matilda McElroy who allegedly personally saw the bodies of aliens in Roswell, and even communicated with one of them telepathically. In December 2020, History Channel released a 3-episode documentary based […]

ISS Camera Filmed Thousands Of Alien Spaceships Evacuating From The Earth In 2020

In November 2019, during a NASA live stream, the International Space Station (ISS) captured footage of three different UFOs, where a Russian cosmonaut was heard saying “it’s a ship.” According to UFO researcher and self-proclaimed extraterrestrial life expert Scott Waring, NASA is aware of the alien spacecraft flying near the ISS. Russian astronaut on the ISS saw […]

NASA hasn’t hired theologians to study reaction to alien life

CLAIM: “NASA just hired 24 theologians to assess how the world would react if we discovered alien life.” AP’S ASSESSMENT: False. NASA has not hired any theologians to study the potential reaction humans would have to the discovery of alien life. NASA provided some funding in 2015 to the Center of Theological Inquiry in Princeton, […]

NASA is hiring priests to prepare humans for contact with aliens

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration has called upon a priest and other religious experts to prepare Earth for a possible alien encounter.  NASA has enlisted the advice and expertise of 24 theologians to help predict how various cultures and religions from different parts of the world would react to alien contact. In 2014, Princeton University’s Center for Theological […]

9 things we learned about aliens in 2021

A “doughnut UFO” in the skies over Switzerland. Strange green lights vanishing into the clouds above Canada. A saucer-shaped blob plunging suddenly into the ocean. The year 2021 gave truth-seekers and alien hunters no shortage of mysteries to ponder. But it also gave them answers — from a hotly anticipated Pentagon report on military UFO sightings, to new insights […]

‘Doughnut UFO’ over Switzerland defies explanation

A photographer in Zurich, Switzerland, spotted the glowing object while four SpaceX astronauts returned to Earth thousands of miles away. On the night of Monday, Nov. 8, a photographer in Zurich, Switzerland, who goes by the Twitter handle @Eavix1Eavix aimed his camera at the sky and snapped several pictures of what he aptly described as a “doughnut […]

Forget Atlantis. 14 Real Cities That Are Completely Underwater

Dive into these real-life versions of Atlantis. The legend of Atlantis is an enduring one. Invented by Plato some 2,300 years ago, he claimed that this utopian civilization, that allegedly existed 9,000 years before even his time, was punished by the gods for becoming selfish, greedy, and amoral and thus sunk into the seas. Which […]

Nasa’s alien-hunting James Webb Space Telescope gets first surprise breakthrough as its lifetime ‘significantly’ extended

Nasa’s new James Webb Space Telescope has seen its first major breakthrough, with the agency announcing it will last “significantly” longer than previously expected. The prevision of the launch last week, and its flight since, mean that it will have enough fuel to “allow support of science operations for significantly more than a 10-year science […]