Something strange is going on with the North Star

It keeps breaking astronomer’s models of how stars are supposed to act. Something’s up with the North Star. People have watched the North Star for centuries. The bright star, also known as Polaris, is almost directly above Earth‘s North Pole and serves as a landmark in the sky for travelers without a compass. It’s also Earth’s closest cepheid, a type […]


Forget violin concertos in G major – the performances of the future could take place in zero-G. Elon Musk, whose firm SpaceX is building a rocket that could transport up to 100 people in space at once, has a vision for future space activities. On Wednesday, the CEO shared an image with his 31 million Twitter followers […]


These colonies would support all manner of ecosystems. Blue Origin wants to build the tools to help humanity explore the solar system, ultimately expanding life out to take advantage of more resources and support over one trillion people. Jeff Bezos, founder of both the space-faring firm and internet retailer Amazon, explained at a Thursday event […]


The last half century has seen humanity take its first, tentative steps into outer space. Initially, through American and Russian astronaut missions into Earth orbit and then to the Moon, though more recently robotic probes have ventured beyond our solar system entirely. Will the next fifty years, however, see us beginning to methodically explore inner […]

Molten iron rain falls through the skies of scorching-hot exoplanet

WASP-76 b may be the most extreme exoplanet we know of. There’s a new contender for the “most exotic exoplanet” title. The crown may have rested for a while now on the head of HD 189733 b, a cobalt-blue alien world where molten-glass rain whips sideways through the air at up to 5,400 mph (8,790 km/h). But […]

Violinist Lindsey Stirling shoots moon-themed ‘Artemis’ music video at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center

Performer Lindsey Stirling made an (almost)-out-of-this-world performance within view of the launch pad that could send people to the moon in 2024. The American violinist is famous not only for her music, but also for her choreography, which accompanies the performance. She plays, dances, kicks and gracefully climbs staircases at the Kennedy Space Center‘s Launch Control Center […]

NASA center in California issues mandatory work-from-home order after employee tests positive for coronavirus

NASA’s Ames Research Center in California has issued a mandatory policy for employees to work from home after one worker tested positive for the coronavirus responsible for COVID-19. The research center, which is located in Moffett Field in the Silicon Valley, has been placed on restricted access after the employee was confirmed to have the coronavirus on Sunday (March […]

The UFO seekers flocking to a remote Thai hilltop in search of Buddhist aliens

A hilltop in central Thailand is attracting UFO seekers who believe extraterrestrials hover above a huge Buddha statue, send telepathic communiques, walk across nearby sugarcane fields and use a crocodile-infested lake as a portal from their planets — Pluto and Loku. Though it may sound like science fiction, a small group of individuals claims messages […]

Astronomers Have Detected a Whopping 8 New Repeating Signals From Deep Space

One of the biggest mysteries out there in the Universe is inching closer to answers. An astonishing eight new repeating radio signals known as fast radio bursts (FRBs) have been detected flaring from deep space. At the start of 2019, just one of these mysterious signals, FRB 121102, was known to flash repeatedly. In January, scientists reported a second repeating […]

Are Humans the Meanest Species in the Universe?

Melinda Snodgrass got the idea for her science fiction novel The High Ground when she started thinking about how awful human beings can be. “I had a sudden vision of this nine-foot-tall alien ant-like creature with mandibles and claws—just a hideous, horrifying creature,” Snodgrass says in Episode 370 of the Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy podcast. “And it was […]

Voyager 2 is gathering science data again after recovering from a glitch in interstellar space

All five remaining instruments on NASA’s venerable Voyager 2 spacecraft are back to gathering science data after power overuse in late January interrupted the probe’s operations. NASA made the announcement yesterday (March 3), over a month after the incident occurred. Troubleshooting for the spacecraft is a slow process because of its distance from Earth; it takes 17 hours for […]