Tiny & Nasty: Images of Things That Make Us Sick – Mysterious Times

Giardia (Image credit: CDC/ Dr. Stan Erlandsen; Dr. Dennis Feely) Being tiny doesn’t stop viruses, bacteria, certain insects and other microscopic critters from causing all sorts of misery. But under the microscope, we can see them for what they truly are. This image, made using a scanning electron microscope, shows the free-swimming protozoan Giardia, which […]

California ‘influencer’ says he is in hospital with coronavirus just days after posting a video of himself licking a toilet bowl for a revolting TikTok challenge – Mysterious Times

Larz, 21, from Beverly Hills, revealed on Twitter that he had caught coronavirus  He uploaded video of himself licking a toilet bowl last week as part of craze Follows trend set by TikTok user Ava Louise, 22, who licked toilet seat on flight It comes as the number infected by COVID-19 rose to more than 55,000 […]

CBS News Caught Using Footage from an Italian Hospital to Describe Conditions in New York City (VIDEO) – Mysterious Times

Emergency Room Footage on CBS Matches Footage from Italian Hospital! This is footage from SKY News on March 22 from Italy. And here is footage from CBS News during their New York City report on March 25. CBS News painted a dire picture from New York City this week in their coronavirus coverage. On Wednesday morning CBS aired this footage from a New […]

Tommy Robinson ‘Arrested Over Assault At Center Parcs Pool’

Former English Defence League leader, Tommy Robinson whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, 37, from Bedford has been arrested on ‘suspicion of common assault’ after allegedly ‘smacking’ a male holidaymaker square in the face in an altercation at a Center Parcs swimming pool. Robinson is well known for his far-right and anti-Islam views and activism in politics for many years – […]

Does The Coronavirus Make The Case For World Government?

Sometimes terrible things happen without any human malfeasance, and the novel Wuhan coronavirus may in fact be one of those things. It is entirely plausible the virus emerged from “wet markets” in the Hubei Province of China rather than as a fumbled (or worse, intentionally released) bioweapon cooked up by the Xi Jinping government.  We may never know, of […]

Living Animals Trapped Inside Key-chains in China for only $1,5 (Video)

A bizarre fashion has appeared in China and many people and activists who support animal rights are appalled. It’s about soulless traders who keep living fish, turtles, small lizards, and other animals, captive inside some key chains. Those key-chains are made of plastic and contain only a little water and oxygen for the little animal […]

Don’t buy China’s story: The coronavirus may have leaked from a lab

At an emergency meeting in Beijing held last Friday, Chinese leader Xi Jinping spoke about the need to contain the coronavirus and set up a system to prevent similar epidemics in the future. A national system to control biosecurity risks must be put in place “to protect the people’s health,” Xi said, because lab safety is a […]