WARNING! Five Traits That Could Get You Abducted By Aliens!

Are you worried about being abducted by aliens? I suspect it will cross the mind of some of you reading this post that alien abduction is a possibility. After all, many people worldwide have claimed to have been abducted by aliens, been taken against their will to an alien spacecraft or enclosed place, questioned or physically […]

The Tombs of the Giants of Arzachena Coddu Vecchiu and Li Lolghi

Are you planning a holiday in Sardinia ? In this article I will talk about the Tombs of the Giants of Arzachena (OT) called Coddu Vecchiu ( Coddu Ecchju ) and Li Lolghi , two sites dating back to the Nuragic age (around the age of the ancient bronze of 2000 BC) which are still surrounded by a mysterious charm. What are the Tombs of the Giants […]

Plastered! Images from space show just how much snow has accumulated in large parts of the U.S. West – ImaGeo

Satellite images show how much more snowpack has accumulated in the Sierra Nevada mountains this year compared with last year. (Images: NASA Worldview. Animation: Tom Yulsman What a difference a year makes. After a shocking dearth of snow last year, the Sierra Nevada mountains of California and Nevada truly have been getting plastered, helping to build up the […]

Strange Ways Animals Adapt to the Human-Built Environment – The Crux

Some animals use human development to travel. Others find shelter in it. (Credit: Stephane Bidouze) (Inside Science) — In 2012 and 2013, Bill Bateman, a zoologist based in Perth, Australia, began to notice something interesting about how animals were navigating the bush: When mining companies created small paths through the previously tangled environment to install […]

Massive Black Triangle UFO Over New Lambton Heights

     “It was 1999, around November. It was a hot, crystal clear night. You could see the stars. There was no breeze,” he said. By Damon Cronshawwww.theherald.com.au2-23-19 Suddenly, they could see “what appeared to be a fire, down low behind trees”…. “Then the orange light started to rise up. It rose above the eucalypt […]

Neanderthals Were Inbreeding. Did it Help Cause Their Extinction? – The Crux

In recent years, scientists have found increasing evidence that Neanderthals were inbred. It could have help drive them to extinction. (Credit: Yulliii/shutterstock) Scientists keep prying into the sex lives of Neanderthals. In the past decade, they’ve revealed that Neanderthals got busy with both Homo sapiens and Denisovans, another lineage of now-extinct humans. But there’s more: […]


Photos sent back by Curiosity show what looks like an armored alien soldier keeping an eye on the curious Rover. Is NASA under surveillance? While searching through NASA images captured by the SUV-sized explorer, the owner of YouTube channel Paranormal Crucible made a strange discovery that could constitute yet another piece of evidence towards proving […]

What if a jolt of electricity could make you happy? – D-brief

Scientists found a way to literally spark joy using jolts of electricity. (Credit: icon99/shutterstock) People all around the world (or at least where Netflix is available) have been exhausting themselves of late trying to “spark joy” in their lives. The urge comes from cleaning guru Marie Kondo, whose philosophy rests on the principle that we should […]

‘Astrocomb’ to Search for Extraterrestrial Life

Scientists develop astrocomb, a tool that will find Earth-like planets, alien life       Scientists have developed an astrocomb, a tool that precisely measures frequencies or colours of light, which can help widen the search for Earth-like planets, and perhaps extraterrestrial life. By The Week2-21-19 The custom-made frequency comb, developed by researchers from National […]