Less Sleep Linked to Increased Sugar Consumption in Teens

While skipping a few hours of sleep each night might seem like it’ll help you accomplish more tasks in a day, it comes at a high cost to the body and mind — especially if you’re a teenager. We’re all guilty of overlooking the importance of sleep for our wellbeing. While we sleep, our minds […]

How to Avoid Fast Furniture and Minimize Waste

Compared to fast food and fast fashion, the idea of “fast furniture” is relatively less known and understood by the general public. In all of these, the word “fast” refers to the quick, cheap manufacturing and production of the product it describes. On the surface, it’s easy to see the benefits of fast furniture: an […]

How Our Brains Organize Abstract Scientific Concepts

The trope that the human brain didn’t evolve to understand advanced physics is often applied in popular science. After all, early humans’ priorities were constricted to comprehending and contending with predatory threats, learning how to feed themselves and their group, seeking out conditions that were favorable to the functioning of their bodies, and deciding who […]

The Most Anticipated Museum Openings of 2022

Laura Kiniry Travel Correspondent The new year offers hope and excitement for the museum world. If the pandemic doesn’t stymie plans, the Smithsonian has dozens of exhibitions in its lineup, from one highlighting portraits of Nigeria’s biggest film stars at the National Museum of African Art, to a display of actor Leonard Nimoy’s prosthetic Spock […]

When a Winter Storm Triggered One of the Deadliest Disasters in D.C. History

The tragedy marked Washington, D.C.’s deadliest single-day disaster. Pictured: an overhead view of the Knickerbocker Theatre following the roof’s collapse Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division It was a seemingly inconsequential homework assignment that saved Charles Lyman III’s life on a frigid night in January 1922. Then a 14-year-old prep school student, Lyman was visiting […]

NASA Says Tonga Eruption Was More Powerful Than an Atomic Bomb

The recent explosion was so powerful that it obliterated parts of the volcanic island of Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai, splitting it in two. Maxar via Getty Images The volcanic eruption that rocked the South Pacific kingdom of Tonga earlier this month was hundreds of times more powerful than the atomic bomb the United States dropped on […]

Aging is Still One of Biology’s Greatest Mysteries

My mother lived past the century mark. In fact, she died one week past her 101st birthday. But she didn’t end up as one of those mentally and physically robust centenarians that researchers love to study. By the time she died, my mom was frail and nearly bedridden. Dementia twisted her mind, osteoarthritis crushed her […]

You Could Own a Possibly Haunted Castle Visited by Mary, Queen of Scots

Earlshall Castle has hosted royalty over the years and sits on 34 acres of parkland and gardens.  Savills In its heyday, Earlshall Castle, a 16th-century estate in the county of Fife, hosted two of Scotland’s most well-known rulers: Mary, Queen of Scots, and her son, James VI and I. Initially occupied by descendants of another […]

Unknown objects flying past the sun

On the same day and almost at the same time NASA satellites captured two unknown objects flying past the sun.  Two spheres in front of a triangular object (Satellite Stereo A AIA 304 2019-10-22) and a cylindrical object (Satellite Stereo A AIA 335 2019-10-22).   [embedded content] Share Get link Facebook Twitter Pinterest Email Other […]