NICAP’s “The Year of the UFO” (October)

     Pay special attention to French UFO cases of the early fifties, highlighted abundantly throughout October’s calendar. While this month showcases several other incredible reports, some involving physical evidence and sounds, France’s UFO wave served for many researchers to prove that the UFO mystery has international roots. No country is exempt and, taken as […]

A UFO Group and The Army Are Investigating … Something

What’s going on here? • The U.S. Army has joined To The Stars Academy of Arts and Science, a UFO research group, to investigate UFO technology. • To The Stars is the same group that released the UFO videos that the Navy confirmed were real. •We have questions. Lots of ’em.      The U.S. […]

Weird pyramid-shaped alien object spotted in the sky above Munich, Germany

New video from Mrmb333 shows a strange blinking and flashing object in the sky that de-cloaks itself into a v-shaped craft. Besides the strange v-shaped craft the video shows unnatural sky phenomena where a pyramid-shaped object in the sky above Munich in Germany is the most striking phenomenon which cannot be easily explained. Could it […]

Chupacabra in Colorado? – Chuck Zukowski UFO/Paranormal Investigations

[embedded content] Micro-Series “Paranormal Paths”. Near Cripple Creek, Colorado, Don Brownlow lost 4 goats, three were mysteriously killed, one is missing, and a fifth was injured but survived. My daughter Ashley and I investigated these strange animal deaths up in the Colorado mountains (elevation 9500 feet). Share this: Like this: Like Loading… Tags: Ashley […]

Collective Behavior: A 480-Million-Year-Old Conga Line – Dead Things

Nearly half a billion years ago, trilobites may have been capable of some kinds of collective behavior associated with modern animals. (Credit: Vannier et al 2019, Chains of trilobite fossils unearthed in Morocco suggest that these early arthropods were capable of a collective behavior seen in many of today’s species — only these trilobites […]

Car driver captures weird object in the sky over Texas

On October 9, 2019 a sky-watcher captured two unknown and odd split second flashes next to the Orion Nebula. DiversityJ – Ohio Skywatching: It’s been a long time coming — Orion and Orion’s Nebula in the early morning Ohio sky. Also, there were 2 separate split second flashes out by the constellation. 4:36am to 5:23am, […]