Flying Saucer disguised as cloud photographed over Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Interesting photograph of a cloaked UFO in the sky over Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Portholes are visible in the upper part of the flying saucer-shaped UFO. The photographer who has submitted the images to MUFON states: I parked on Lena’s parking lot, which is a grocery store. I looked up to the sky before getting out of […]

Friend, foe or unknown force flying overhead? Congress should find out

Featured Video Do you believe in alien life and/or UFOs? Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and/or Instagram! Since 2015, dozens of Navy F-18 fighter jets have encountered unidentified aerial phenomenon (UAPs) — once commonly referred to as UFOs — off the East Coast of the United States, some not far from the nation’s capital. Encounters have […]

Down the Lunar Rabbit-hole

Plans are being made for colonization of the moon and it must be ready before 2029. Countries like the US, Russia, China as well as large private companies like SpaceX and Blue Origin are engaged in a sort of race to the moon. And it is not just a race, but more a total plan, […]


Featured Video Do you believe in alien life and/or UFOs? Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and/or Instagram! There are many stories of encounters with strange beings who appear to be inhuman because of their unusual eye color and odd behavior. People who met these individuals had a weird sense of dread. Are there rational explanations for […]

Aliens are HERE and they’re breeding with humans, claims Oxford University lecturer

Featured Video Do you believe in alien life and/or UFOs? Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and/or Instagram! ALIEN visitors from outer space are here on Earth and are breeding with humans to create a superior “hybrid” species, an Oxford University academic has shockingly claimed. Alien hybrids born from a mixed parentage will survive humans on Earth when […]

Yellowstone Cam: What Is This Mysterious Object?

Kat Martin has captured something weird flying above Yellowstone. I have seen this type of thing before, but never changing direction so fast as this did. There are lots of lights which are just reflections. The one this video is about is the bright object which comes in from the upper right of screen. It […]

Boynton woman’s video captures rare ‘positive’ lightning bolt

When Erica Hite was filming a thunderstorm on Sunday in her home in Boynton Beach, Florida she had her camera ready at just the right time to capture a weird bolt of lightning. The National Weather Service in Miami identified the unusual weather ‘positive lighting,’ or a continuous current, which is up to ten […]

Torpedo looking UFO flying over Ohio filmed by plane passenger

A fast flying UFO has been filmed by a plane passenger at the moment the plane was at an altitude of 30,000 feet. Plane passenger said “Taking video and pictures from 30,000 + feet is my favorite thing to do while flying and on May 3, 2019, I happen to catch this torpedo looking UFO.” […]

Weird Dinosaur with bat-like wings discovered in China

Near Wubaiding Village, Liaoning Province, China, paleontologists discovered a 163-million-year-old dinosaur fossil. Research shows it belongs to scansoriopterygids, a group of tiny dinosaurs generally reconstructed as feathered tree climbers. Unlike its relatives, Ambopteryx longibrachium had membranous wings supported by a styliform. Researchers believe the dinosaur may have glided from trees. The bat-like wings were probably […]

MT Tech professor claims UFOs are time machines

Many people believe UFOs visit Earth from other planets far, far away. A Montana Tech professor believes UFOs are much closer to home. “The phenomenon may be our own distant descendants coming back through time to study us in their own evolutionary past,” said Michael P. Masters. Masters writes about this theory in his newly […]

Missing 411: The 1600 People who VANISHED from America’s National Parks

1600 people go missing every year in America’s national parks. They seemingly vanish into thin air, some of them return and some are never to been seen or heard from again. The cases David Paulides, an author and former policeman, found were strange and numerous enough that he has since written six volumes of work […]

They Hid Something in the Mars Rover That No One Knows About

There is more to the story of Mars than they will ever admit. When NASA received the first pictures of Mars they immediately started tweaking them, even changing the color of the sky from blue to red. They have been trying to convince us for 40 years that there is no life or even signs […]