TTSA: Fear Mongering or is UFO Secrecy Crumbling?

Secrecy on UFOs has been with us for a lifetime. At times it has seemed like it would last forever. For the past few years, however, the media has treated the subject rather differently and since late 2017 ufology has been in a fevered state with new revelations, new media coverage, and a much enhanced […]

Opening Up the Moon: Q&A with ‘Moon Rush’ Author Leonard David

Humanity is poised to take another giant leap. The moon is back in vogue. The United States aims to return astronauts to the lunar surface by 2024, and then build up a long-term, sustainable presence on Earth’s nearest neighbor. The European Space Agency has repeatedly stressed a desire to establish a “moon village” in the near […]

It’s Official: NASA Is Making Cryosleep A Reality

Oh, to have a good night’s sleep! Indeed, many of us are sleep deprived; trudging around the workplace, lumbering the kids to-and-from school, like zombies auto piloted by coffee. In fact, according to the American Sleep Association, sleep deprivation is a significant issue. 35 percent of adults surveyed reported getting less than the suggested minimum of […]

Real reason why NASA is in a hurry to return to the Moon

NASA is working hard to bring back U.S. astronauts to the lunar surface. U.S. space agency NASA initially set its return to the Moon in 2028. However, in response to Vice President Mike Pence’s challenge to uphold NASA’s mandate to move the U.S. Space industry forward, NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine moved up the target date […]

Former Polish President Warns Humans At Risk Of Alien Invasion

During the colorful speech, Wałęsa argued for what he believed were three levels of intellectual development in the cosmos, with humans unfortunately residing at the bottom. It’s unclear whether Wałęsa was simply using the topic of extraterrestrials as a partisan talking point, or whether he may have some actual knowledge of their existence, though it […]

470,000 People Planning To Storm Area 51 Form Outrageous Plan

Clearly bored with discussing conspiracy theories in dingy corners of the internet (Flat Earth, Princess Diana and what really happened at Roswell?), a large group of alien enthusiasts are planning to uncover the secrets of Area 51 once and for all. Armed with ‘pebbles’ and ‘Naruto’ runners, thousands of people are seemingly gearing up to […]

Drone Discovers Stunning Glacier Scene Hidden in the Himalayas

Thanks to the help of a drone, Polish photographer David Kaszlikowski captured a stunning scene atop a glacier near the K2 mountain, one that he wouldn’t have ever discovered otherwise. The quest to find a unique Himalayan locale started while he was shooting the upcoming documentary called K2 Touching the Sky. Kaszlikowski wanted a personal project to work […]

Unnatural looking Hexagon Structure spotted in Pyramus Fossae on Mars

A hexagon shaped structure with a possible dome has been discovered in a photograph taken by NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter on 17 August 2008 and is described as ‘Possible Olivine-Rich Terrain.’ Jean Ward shows us, besides the hexagon structure, other unnatural looking structures that don’t fit in the surrounding landscape. These strange structures, especially the […]

Alien Awakening Is Coming with New Engineers || Official Updates

After two years since Alien Covenant release, we finally get some really promising news about the sequel. In the last 8 months, many details and subtle clues have come out about the plot of the next alien installment. In addition, a few weeks ago variety magazine reported that Ridley Scott is assigned as a director […]

President Trump on UFOs: I’m not a believer but anything’s possible

Dr. Michael Salla talks about the US Air Force Secret Space Program – Shifting ET Alliances and Space Force, the Reptilian and Nordic Alien Alliances and the breakaway German colony in Antarctica. Many thought provoking and serious topics that are desperately important in the human race moving forward as a civilization in these mysterious times […]