Why Are Chimpanzees and Gorillas Suddenly Going to War?

It’s truly a wild time in the animal kingdom! Chimpanzees and gorillas have coexisted peacefully for many years, but in February of 2019 researchers were shocked to witness a vicious act of violence in Gabon’s Loango National Park. The researchers, from Osnabrück University and the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Germany, were studying […]

CBD Gummies For Sale

This article contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. CBD, or Cannabidiol, has been shown to be effective in treating many health issues such as inflammation and pain. Those who have had the pleasure of using CBD products before know that this chemical compound comes in […]

Map the World’s Coral Reefs for NASA with NeMO-Net

“Our coral reefs are in danger … we need your help.” When new players log on to NASA’s NeMO-Net, they’re greeted with a video message from oceanographer Sylvia Earle. “Your mission is to take command of a research vessel, and travel the world collecting data on the ocean,” she says. Warming temperatures, rising sea levels […]

Salamanders Can Do What?

Most salamanders go largely unnoticed by humans due to their small size and secluded habitats. The soft-bodied hermits spend their days underground, in water or under the cover of moist leaves — rising only during the most temperate times of day and at night to feed. Chances are, unless you enjoy hiking under the cover […]

Big Blast from Indonesia’s Semeru Kills at Least 14 People

An unexpectedly large explosive eruption from one of the largest Indonesia volcanoes has ended killing over a dozen people after pyroclastic flows roared down the mountain’s slopes. Located on the Indonesia island of Java, Semeru has been erupting for almost 8 years now, but on December 4 the volcano unleashed a blast that reached over […]

Listening to the Brain to Improve Depression Treatment

Over the course of a lifetime, as many as one in five people will experience depression. For many, psychotherapy or first-line antidepressants are highly effective and allow people to get back on their feet in a few weeks or months. Yet others try treatment after treatment, struggling for years before they find something that alleviates […]

Loss of Smell Identification Linked to Dementia, Parkinson’s

The nerves in our nasal cavity send signals to our brain to alert us to what we’re smelling. As we age, our sight, hearing and sense of smell diminishes. When we lose our ability to distinguish one odor from another, say vanilla versus cinnamon, it can be an early sign of dementia or Parkinson’s disease, […]

The 6 Best Rated Dog Foods

This article contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. What makes dog food great? What sets good dog foods apart from the not-so-good ones? This is an important question to consider when you’re thinking about switching brands. The food you give to your doggo can mean […]

The Scientific Reason Singers Have a Knack for Language

What’s the difference between Mozart and Pavarotti? Well, one was a child prodigy and composer who systematically learned the rules of music at an early age — the other, a pitch-perfect expert at mimicry.   Singers have a knack for foreign languages, most notably when it comes to pronunciation and accent because, like parrots, they mimic […]

This Is Your Brain on Music

The only prerequisite tool for creating music is the human body — a fact that makes it difficult to trace the phenomenon’s origins. Most scholars agree that music has been with us since prehistoric times; it has served as a chronicle of family history, a declaration of revolutionary ideals, a call-to-arms and an expression of […]

5 Top Breakthrough Medical Technologies and How They Changed The World

Technology has consistently evolved and advanced over time and across a variety of fields – including agriculture, mechanical, electrical, and manufacturing. Not surprisingly, medical technology has developed to include notable breakthroughs that are responsible for improving and saving countless lives – and in doing so, have changed the world. Here are five medical technologies we […]

Why Getting Gifts for the Holidays Feels Stressful

Have you had to deflect any nagging questions from loved ones about what you’re getting them for the holidays this year? You’re not alone: During December, retail spending is almost double compared to earlier parts of the year, according to the U.S. Census. And studies have found that much of our gift giving is rooted in the obligation to reciprocate. Holidays such […]

Genghis Khan Had a Soft Side

Genghis Khan is remembered as one of history’s most fearsome rulers. He was best known for consolidating the Mongol tribes into a unified clan under his rule (A.D. 1206-1227), and he battled and defeated the infamous Jin dynasty in neighboring China. After his death, the Mongol empire reached its height and expanded as far west […]