Cloudless, Methane Rain Falls on Titan’s North Pole – D-brief

A near-infrared color image of Titan’s north pole, taken by NASA’s Cassini spacecraft. A new study using Cassini observations reveals rainfall. (Credit: NASA) NASA’s Cassini orbiter captured the north pole on Saturn’s largest moon looking like a wet sidewalk after a bit of rain. This rainfall, which scientists take to signify a change in season on […]

Bullied Into Bad Science? – Neuroskeptic

There’s been an interesting discussion on Twitter about senior scientists who pressure their students or postdocs into scientific misconduct or otherwise poor science: Bullying students into providing the “right” results: research misconduct by proxy? This is probably among the worst but receives little attention — Simon Eickhoff (@INM7_ISN) January 19, 2019 Today, I was made […]

Gut Bacteria Protects Against Food Allergies – D-brief

Hives and facial swelling are common allergic responses to food. In the most severe cases, a fatal reaction known as anaphylactic shock can occur. (Credit: Vadim Ratnikov / Shutterstock) Earlier this year, news broke that 11-year-old Cameron Jean-Pierre of New Jersey suffered a fatal allergic reaction to the smell of fish. His family knew about his […]

Here’s How to Watch Sunday’s Total Lunar Eclipse – D-brief

Sixty-two breathtaking minutes of totality highlight the five-hour total lunar eclipse the night of January 20/21. A total eclipse of the moon will be visible in its entirety across North and South America this weekend. For more than an hour the night of January 20/21, the colors from all Earth’s sunrises and sunsets bathe the […]