Japanese Asteroid Mission Touches Down on Ryugu, Collects Sample – D-brief

Hayabusa2 has successfully collected its second sample from the surface of asteroid Ryugu. (Credit: Illustration by Akihiro Ikeshita (C), JAXA) Hayabusa2’s encounters with asteroid Ryugu have been delightfully action-packed. In February, the Japanese spacecraft collected its first sample by swooping close and firing a bullet into the asteroid’s surface to stir up material it then […]

When a Dominant Male Disappears, These Female Fish Change Sex – D-brief

The blueheaded wrasse. (Credit: Leonardo Gonzalez/shutterstock) Sex transitions are commonplace for several species of fish, and that’s consistently puzzling for scientists. How these changes occur on a genetic level is still not fully understood, but a new study published in the journal Science offers some insights. A team of researchers say they’ve found that social […]

We Can’t Just Plant Billions of Trees to Stop Climate Change – The Crux

Planting trees, while beneficial to the planet, is not an easy solution to climate change. (Credit: Janelle Lugge/Shutterstock) Last week, a new study in the journal Science highlighted the role forests could play in tackling climate change. Researchers estimated that by restoring forests to their maximum potential, we could cut down atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) […]

Light Pollution Might Stop Nemo From Being Born – D-brief

Clownfish rely on darkness to hatch. Human lights are stealing it away. (Credit: patrik johnson/Shutterstock) From space, the picture is crystal clear. Across the globe, cities twinkle with artificial light against the night sky. And the nocturnal expanse is only getting brighter. Scientists estimate the amount of artificial light at night grows by more than two […]

India Set to Launch Moon Rover and Orbiter – D-brief

(Credit: ISRO) India is expected to launch their second lunar mission, Chandrayaan-2 on July 14. The launch will take up an orbiter, a lander, and a rover, dubbed Pragyan, all designed to study the moon’s little explored south pole. Using the Indian Space Research Organization’s (ISRO) most powerful rocket, Chandrayaan-2 will reach Earth’s orbit, where […]