5 Science Projects Where Human Volunteers Help Machines Make New Discoveries

Citizen Science Salon is a partnership between Discover and SciStarter.org. Working together, humans and computers can do great things. Humans and computers are safeguarding ecosystems, predicting hazards, and diagnosing and treating deadly diseases. Here are just a few of our favorite human computer partnerships that welcome your participation. An App to Identify Species This observation […]

The Big Freeze: How the Universe Will Die

The cosmos may never end. But if you were immortal, you’d probably wish it would. Our cosmos’ final fate is a long and frigid affair that astronomers call the Big Freeze, or Big Chill. It’s a fitting description for the day when all heat and energy is evenly spread over incomprehensibly vast distances. At this […]

How Caffeine and Alcohol Can Make Your Mental Health Worse

It’s no secret that living through the COVID-19 pandemic, and 2020 in general, has been emotionally exhausting. People have been isolated and social distancing, many struggling with losing a job or income. Some are treating extremely ill patients on the frontlines, dealing with the loss of friends or family members and so much more, all […]

The Best Online Psychic Readings by Phone, Chat or Video

When the path forward seems unclear and the future seems uncertain, it’s not uncommon to seek the advice of an online psychic to get the answers that you need. Whether you need advice regarding your love life, help figuring out a new career path, or have burning questions that are keeping you up at night, […]

Steel Bite Pro Reviews – Does This Supplement Really Work?

This is an independent Steel Bite Pro review by Daily Wellness Pro. This report uncovers important information every consumer needs to know. Steel Bite Pro is a straightforward and healthy solution for maintaining optimal oral health. As per the official website, this supplement has a completely natural composition and does not comprise of any harmful […]

The Latest Supplement Touted As a COVID-19 Treatment? Melatonin

The long list of potential COVID-19 treatments that researchers have suggested has one more addition: melatonin. A Texas doctor claims that he has treated 400 COVID-19 patients with the hormone, with few individuals developing severe enough cases to require hospitalization.  The announcement comes with no study to discern whether the supplement aided recovery or if […]

Alzheimer’s Disease Isn’t the Only Cause of Dementia

Growing old is a natural part of life. Our hair will turn gray and our skin will wrinkle. Our bones and muscles will weaken, and our blood vessels will get stiff. But many of us will also lose our minds, and that is something that’s not supposed to happen. Half of people age 80 or […]

Gobekli Tepe: The World’s First Astronomical Observatory?

Earth’s Northern Hemisphere was covered in enormous Ice Age glaciers when a group of hunter-gatherers in southern Turkey began constructing the world’s first known temple. The site, called Gobekli Tepe, was built roughly 12,000 years ago, with some parts appearing to be even older. However, because the ancient temple is so vast and complex, archaeologists […]

Night Terrors: When It’s More Than Just a Bad Dream

As the ceiling began crashing down around me, I reached for the hand beckoning me from above. I screamed as I attempted to grasp my rescuer’s too-distant fingertips, afraid I would be buried alive. When my roommates woke me, my heart was still beating rapidly as I gripped the center beam of the cabin we […]

How Our Changing Climate Will Make Hurricanes Worse

The 2020 Atlantic hurricane season could be one-of-a-kind — and not in a good way. By Aug. 6, there were already nine storms severe enough to receive a name. It normally takes until early October for that number of strong weather events to appear.  The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration anticipates this year will bring […]

How To Turn Your Smartphone Into A Robot

A good robot can set you back a lot of money. “Legged robots and industrial manipulators cost as much as luxury cars, and even the cheapest robots from Franka Emika or Clearpath [Robotics] cost at least $10K,” say Matthias Müller and Vladlen Koltun at Intel Labs. The reason is that robots require precision actuators, sensor […]

8 Fun Science Experiments You Can Easily do at Home

Citizen Science Salon is a partnership between Discover and SciStarter.org. Around the world, millions of kids are headed back to school in a totally different way. Classes are online. Teachers talk to students in virtual classrooms. And parents are often left looking for new, hands-on science learning opportunities. We’ve got your back. Here are eight fun and easy […]

How Chemicals Like PFAS Can Increase Your Risk of Severe COVID-19

Nearly a year before the novel coronavirus emerged, Dr. Leonardo Trasande published “Sicker, Fatter, Poorer,” a book about connections between environmental pollutants and many of the most common chronic illnesses. The book describes decades of scientific research showing how endocrine-disrupting chemicals, present in our daily lives and now found in nearly all people, interfere with […]