Ten Years in the Life of the Sun, Up Close and Personal

If you’re feeling like you could use something new and different to watch to take your mind off the state of the world, consider the Sun. NASA has released a video, embedded below, that shows it in a way you probably have never seen, and maybe never even imagined. The video shows an entire decade […]

The FBI’s Repatriation of Stolen Heritage

The first day of April, in 2014, dawned “gray, cold, rainy, ugly,” recalls Supervisory Special Agent Tim Carpenter of the FBI’s Art Theft Program in Washington, D.C. Early that morning, his team knocked on the door of Don Miller’s farmhouse in Waldron, Indiana. Part of that team was cultural anthropologist Holly Cusack-McVeigh, who remembers being […]

Race Is Real, But It’s Not Genetic

A friend of mine with Central American, Southern European, and West African ancestry is lactose intolerant. Drinking milk products upsets her stomach, and so she avoids them. About a decade ago, because of her low dairy intake, she feared that she might not be getting enough calcium, so she asked her doctor for a bone density test. […]

Most Effective CBD Products – Why Terpenes are Important

CBD products are more popular than ever. Colorado Botanicals found a 2019 Gallup poll that showed that 1 in 7 Americans use them to treat a variety of issues including pain, anxiety, and poor sleep. The public’s growing interest has led to big sales. The U.S. CBD industry is expected to produce $23.7 billion annually […]

Many BPA-Free Plastics Are Toxic. Some Are Worse Than BPA

Plastics are everywhere. They’re in our clothes. They’re in our furniture. They’re even in our food, seeping in through all manner of bags, boxes, wrappings, liners and seals. Rip open any package and microplastic bits flood out. Plastics helped bring about the modern era of affordable convenience. But that ease has also put our health […]

Sometimes, Viruses Can Be Good For Your Health

Imagine that you have a devastating heart infection that won’t respond to medication. For one 76-year-old man, that nightmare was his reality. Following surgery for an aortic aneurysm — which makes the heart’s main artery swell to almost twice its normal size — a nasty bacterial infection caused by the microbe Pseudomonas aeruginosa had taken […]