Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Personal Library Is Up for Auction

The Bonhams sale features more than 1,000 books from the late Supreme Court justice’s personal library. Photo by Nikki Kahn / The Washington Post via Getty Images More than 1,000 books from the personal collection of the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg are up for auction at Bonhams. The trove features legal textbooks, […]

Celebrating the Viral ‘Encanto’ Soundtrack’s Colombian Roots

Carlos Vives performed onstage during the world premiere of Walt Disney Animation Studios’ Encanto at El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood, California, in November. Alberto E. Rodriguez/Stringer/Getty Images Carlos Vives dreams of someday recording an album on a floating soundstage, cruising down Colombia’s greatest river. That’s because the communities along the 949-mile Río Magdalena and across […]

Seahorses Aren’t as Committed as Previously Thought

Seahorses build a strong pair bond—but if the couple is forcibly separated, they are more than willing to move on. Francis Apesteguy / Getty Images Male seahorses take commitment seriously, famously going so far as to release their partners from the burden of pregnancy by taking it on themselves. Scientists have generally assumed that female […]

Why the Online Game Wordle Went Viral, According to Psychology

This image shows the Wordle instruction page. Photo Illustration by Brandon Bell/Getty Images Twitter users may have noticed more and more people posting gray, green and yellow squares in a grid on their feeds this month. On other platforms, memes, art and even cross-stitching inspired by these matrices have popped up across the internet. The source is the latest […]

Biden Administration Plans to Provide 400 Million N95 Masks to Americans Amid Omicron Surge

With Omicron’s high transmissibility and record number of infections, public health experts encourage the use of high-quality masks to prevent spreading the airborne virus. Alex Wong/Getty Images Approximately 400 million high-quality, non-surgical N95 masks are set to be distributed by the Biden administration for free, White House officials announced on Wednesday. Amid surging Covid-19 cases, […]

A Huge Black Diamond, Purportedly From Outer Space, Is Now Up for Sale

The 55-faceted gemstone is believed to be the largest cut black diamond in the world. Sotheby’s A one-of-a-kind black diamond dubbed the “Enigma” will go up for auction next month and is expected to sell for more around $7 million USD. The diamond was unveiled Tuesday by Sotheby’s Dubai, who says the massive black gem […]

For Pilot Bessie Coleman, Every ‘No’ Got Her Closer to ‘Yes’

David Kindy Daily Correspondent The young woman in the cockpit of the biplane studied the control panel, then flipped a switch and signaled to the ground crew. Grabbing the propeller blade, a crew member spun it hard. The engine coughed and sputtered, then caught with a load roar. After the motor had warmed up, the […]

How Can Ant and Termite Queens Live So Long?

A queen Oecophylla smaragdina ant Didier Descouens via Wikimedia under CC BY-SA 4.0 Small animals don’t usually grow very old. Since they’re always at risk of becoming another critter’s quick snack, the best way to ensure that their genes will make it into the next generation is having a bunch of young as soon as […]

The Japanese WWII Soldier Who Refused to Surrender for 27 Years

Shoichi Yokoi fled to the jungles of Guam to avoid capture in the summer of 1944. He remained in hiding until January 1972. Public domain via Wikimedia Commons / Photo by Keystone / Getty Images When Japanese sergeant Shoichi Yokoi returned to his home country after almost three decades in hiding, his initial reaction was […]

Dinosaur Fan Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Is Not Stan the T. Rex’s Mystery Buyer

The T. rex specimen was discovered in 1987 by fossil hunter Stan Sacrison in South Dakota’s Badlands.  NFL/YouTube Actor, former wrestler and sports commentator Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson caused a brief stir in the scientific community after appearing virtually on ESPN’s ManningCast on Monday night. Peeking out from behind his left shoulder was the skull of a Tyrannosaurus […]