‘UFO Detector’ Disarmed by Police

A so-called “UFO Detector Site” was found by New Jersey State Park Police, and was “disarmed” by unplugging headphone wires from the block of wood as well as the soup can they were plugged into.      A so-called “UFO Detector Site” was found in Wharton State Forest on Saw Dust Pile Road in Tabernacle […]

Prince Philip’s Lifelong Interest in UFOs – or ‘Flying Saucers’

     The death of Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, aged 99 on 9 April has resulted in a flurry of tributes and obituaries. But so far none of the extensive media coverage has mentioned the Duke’s lifelong interest in UFOs – or “flying saucers“. Lord Louis Mountbatten, Admiral of the Fleet, is probably […]

Are Aliens Attracted to Ghosts? or Vice Versa

Tri-Field EMF Meter courtesy Alpha Labs As a UFO investigator I started to see this possible cross-over between aliens and spirits in some of my investigations a while ago. I realized I needed to learn more about ghost hunting before I could venture into this field. I started working with local and state ghost investigators […]

Did the Navy Film ‘Triangular Shaped’ UFOs?

     On May 1st 2020 a classified briefing was generated about the UFO / UAP presence, via the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI). Those familiar with the briefing articulated to me that the goal was to de-stigmatize the UAP problem and to promote more intelligence collection regarding UAP incursions and By Jeremy Corbellwww.extraordinarybeliefs.com4-8-21 encounters […]

New Photos of Recent Military UFO Encounters Remain a Mystery To Officials

New photographs obtained by Mystery Wire show different shaped objects.      Military and intelligence officials say they remain baffled by unusual, unidentified aircraft that have been encountered in recent years off both coasts of the United States. By George KnappThe Mystery Wire4-6-21 Many of the objects have been referred to as drones, but that […]

Latest Podcast: Irene Previn & Stan Gordon

Australia’s Irene Previn on Westall UFO Incident’s 55th anniversary (April 6, 1966) for 20 minutes and guest, Stan Gordon on the 1973 UFO-Bigfoot wave in Pennsylvania that his teams investigated and another aspect of the UFO phenomena that has been hardly discussed concerns what he has termed: “Mini-UFOs”. Stan discusses all sorts of bizarre cases, […]

UFOs Sighted Near Minuteman Missile Silos (Golf Launch Facility) – 1965

     b. Reported from Hotel Launch facility and observed by nine military personnel with the aid of binoculars. (1). The first sighting was of an object the size of a star which appeared to the Southeast and traveled Westward, disappearing to the Southwest. Object was at 20,000 feet, very fast, and reappeared at four […]

“… Better for National Security If These UAPs Turn Out to be ETs”

We need to talk about UFOs again[…]      The Pentagon went further in August 2020, announcing the establishment of an Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) Task Force. Beyond developing a new abbreviation that is less loaded than UFO, the Pentagon explained, “The mission of the task force is to detect, analyze and catalog UAPs that […]

Spy Agencies Blocking Data, UFO Report To Congress Will Be Delayed?

     The truth may be out there. But don’t expect the feds to share what they know anytime soon on the recent spate of UFO sightings. By Bryan benderPolitico3-25-21 Some military and spy agencies are blocking or simply ignoring the effort to catalog what they have on “unidentified aerial phenomenon,” according to multiple current […]

Latest Podcast: 448. Ralph Blumenthal

Guest Ralph Blumenthal discusses his latest book which dives deep into the life of the late Dr. John Mack, a tenured and renown Harvard psychologist. Dr. Mack risked his stellar reputation and career to investigate purported human encounters with alien entities and to give credibility to the bewildering accounts told by people who were utterly […]

UFO Lands Near Missile Base; Affects Radio Transmissions – Strike Team Dispatched!

     Capt. Smith (Missile Combat Crew Commander) on duty at Missile Site (MIKE Flt) sixty (60) feet underground indicated that radio transmission was being interrupted by static, this static was accompanied by the UFO coming close to the Missile Site By Air ForceHQ Minot AFB8-30-1966 (MIKE Flt). When UFO climbed, static stopped. The UFO […]

UFOs Engage Navy War Ships (Again) FOIAs Reveal

     Documentary filmmaker, Dave Beaty—executive produced, researched and directed the film, The Nimitz Encounters, a most needed, topnotch, sober documentary on UFO related events involving the Nimitz Carrier Strike Group while conducting routine training and aerial defense exercises off the coast of California in 2004. Arguably, these UFO engagements will be marked as one […]

Senator Marco Rubio Concerned About UFOs Near Military Bases

     TMZ entertainment news site reported that they confronted Senator Marco Rubio Monday at Reagan National Airport and asked him about UFOs and aliens. It further reported that the question was posited in a light-hearted manner; however, By Frank WarrenThe UFO Chronicles3-24-21 Rubio’s answer was anything but. He became very sober and expressed his […]

Latest Podcast: 447. Frank Feschino & Alfred Lehmberg

Guests, Frank Feschino & Alfred Lehmberg discuss the bizarre evening of September 12, 1952, what is mostly known as the Flatwoods Monster Incident, but there is a lot more to it. Show Notes Podcast: Play in new window | Download