Latest Podcast: 459. Matthew Roberts & Kevin Knuth

Guest Matthew Roberts discusses when he was aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt for the events that brought the now declassified Gimbal & Go Fast UAP videos then his own personal experience since that time and how it changed everything, then Kevin Knuth joins in they both discuss the upcoming UAP Task Force Report, as well […]

John Reeves’ Alien Encounter, Beer and Billy Cox

The risky business of looking back      BROOKSVILLE, Fla. – On May 22, 1856, inside the Capitol Dome, hothead U.S. Rep. Preston Brooks, D-S.C., hobbled over to the desk of abolitionist Sen. Charles Sumner, R-Mass., intent on settling a “libel” score. Two days earlier, Sumner had railed against slaveholders and the Kansas-Nebraska Act, and […]

Skeptic Mick West Pooh-Poohs Recent UFO / UAP Revelations

This month the Pentagon will release its much-awaited UFO report. Extraterrestrial buffs think they’ll be vindicated – but they’ve gotten a bit ahead of themselves      … UFO enthusiasts claim that there’s amazing evidence of UAPs, representing something incredible, and that a special group has been investigating this for years. As with the Chilean […]

The Sonora UFO X-Files

     “We’re going to examine the evidence of early UFOs in the Gold region, specifically Sonora and bring in other pieces as they relate and try to offer possible explanations of the phenomena,” he said. “I start off very mysterious and imply UFOs, but by the end of the show I’m kind of saying […]

Contacting Aliens Could End All Life On Earth

     In April 2020, the Defense Department released videos recorded by infrared cameras on U.S. Navy aircraft that documented the planes’ encounters with a variety of “unidentified aerial phenomena.” Pilots reported seeing objects flying across the sky at hypersonic speeds and changing By Mark BuchananThe Washington Post6-10-21 direction almost instantaneously, capabilities far beyond that […]

Going Public with UFO Accounts Garnered Ridicule for Air Force Officers

     Public attitudes toward UFOs were much different when retired Air Force Capt. Robert Salas took the stage at the National Press Club in Washington nearly 11 years ago. Far from the white-hot interest in the phenomenon that is By Ben WolfgangThe Washington Times6-7-21 spreading across the country today, Mr. Salas and six fellow […]

Latest Show: 458. Caz Clarke

First hand witness Caz Clarke discusses the The Pentyrch UFO Incident which happened in February of 2016, over the Welsh village of Pentyrch, there was military intervention and a purported crashing in the outskirts of Llantrisant, Wales. Show Notes Podcast: Play in new window | Download

UFO Activity Over Oakridge Atomic Energy Installation – Fighter Jets Scrambled! | UFO CHRONICLE –1950

     Radar detection of Unidentified Objects [UFOs] over Oak Ridge Twelve, Nineteen Fifty, protection of vital installations. USAF radar installation at Knoxville at eleven twenty-five pm, EST, October Twelve, picked up indications of eleven objects and perhaps more traveling across controlled area of Atomic Energy Installation at Oak Ridge. By Department of JusticeCommunications Section10-13-1950

Pennsylvania UFOS Witnessed by Military Pilots Unsolved Despite Government Investigations

     July 23, 1952 – Three F-94 Starfire fighter jets cruised at 644 miles per hour in the skies above Pottstown, Pennsylvania. Fighter pilots reported seeing a silver “large pear-shaped” object with no visible means of propulsion. Two smaller, darker By James McGinnisCourier Times6-7-21 objects also appeared to run circles around the larger craft […]

UFOs? It’s Complicated

     Developing understandings about reported UFO phenomena requires more effort than clicking on a few links or watching the occasional news show that looks suspiciously like entertainment. It’s not necessary that everyone gain such understandings, but it should be considered a minimal requirement for those who wish to have much more to say about […]

NASA To Study UFOs / UAP

     NASA’s new chief is setting up an effort to further study unidentified flying objects within his first month in office. Bill Nelson, the former Florida senator and spaceflight veteran, By Jackie WattlesCNN Business6-4-21 told CNN Business’ Rachel Crane during a wide-ranging interview on Thursday that it’s not clear to anyone — even in […]