Donald Trump for President…. FOREVER

If Donald Trump became President forever,, what would the world look like? Will things get better or will people try to go against him? Watch to find out as we talk about this alternate reality. [embedded content] [embedded content] Like this: Like Loading… Join our list Subscribe to our mailing list and get interesting stuff […]


The black supremacist wing of the Hebrew Israelite movement is spreading and its leaders are growing increasingly militant BALTIMORE — Despite the hellish heat on this spring Saturday morning in gritty West Baltimore, the five Hebrew Israelite priests loitering near a West Franklin Street storefront are draped in heavy robes, and their heads are wrapped in matching […]

A transgender boxer? The moving story of Thomas Page McBee

He was born with the body of a woman, but 27 years later, he managed to become what he always wanted. After many battles – both physical and mental – Thomas Page McBee transformed himself into a transgender boxer, who, in addition to fighting in the ring, writes literature and shares his experience with the world, […]

These Photos Offer an Incredible View of How the Advertising Industry Exploits Women

In recent years, the world of fashion and advertising has distastefully blurred the lines between right and wrong, creating a pronounced grey area of supposedly acceptable imagery which includes everything from BDSM and rape to abuse, aggression, and underage perversion. And this phenomenon can’t simply be narrowed down to ‘artistry’ when the symbolism is so blatantly sexist and even […]

Creepy Startup Selling Young People’s Blood to the Rich Now Accepts PayPal

A graduate of Stanford University – incubator of such famous blood-linked companies as Theranos – has launched a controversial start-up company, called Ambrosia, that will, for a generous fee, replace the blood of older people with that of younger donors in yet another attempt to conquer aging. Business Insider reported on the company first, while admitting there is little to […]

‘Below 1%’: The Monarch Butterfly Is Approaching Total and Irreversible Extinction

The monarch butterfly, the majestic black-and-orange pollinator that once covered winter trees like leaves from the Baja California Peninsula up to California’s Central Coast, is facing a sharp population decline that could spell its irreversible doom. According to a new survey conducted by the Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation, the iconic North American butterfly, which migrates […]

Is This The Most Terrifying Clothing Line Ever?

Would you pay hundreds and thousands of dollars to wear your worst nightmares? Well, creatives Kayla Arena and Toby Barron have created a creepy clothing series that is designed to look as if it was made from human flesh. They called it the Ed Gein, and anyone can order a piece on their Etsy. It’s definitely some of the creepiest […]

The Sugar and Cancer Connection: Why Sugar Is Called “The White Death”

As good as it may taste, sugar is NOT your friend. It may “feel” like your friend when it comforts you (due to the beta-endorphin rush in your brain), but sugar is really your ENEMY. Truth be told, regular consumption of sugary foods is one of the worst things that you can do for your health. Modern scientific research has […]

Man Tries to Rob UFC Star Polyana Viana and Gets the Crap Beat Out of Him

Last weekend, 27-year-old Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) star Polyana Viana was forced to use her fighting skills for self-defense after a mugger attempted to rob her outside of her apartment in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. A man reportedly approached her while she was waiting for an Uber and asked her for the time. After she […]

Trump May Take Billions From Disaster Relief Funding to Pay for the Wall

President Donald Trump is considering plans to divert disaster relief funds from storm-ravaged Puerto Rico and a California still reeling from record-breaking fires to help build his barrier along the southern U.S. border, according to recent reports. According to three U.S. officials, Trump was briefed on the possible option during his Thursday flight to the […]

Japan to Allow Commercial Whaling for the First Time in 30 Years

The government of Japan recently announced plans to withdraw from the International Whaling Commission (IWC) and will again allow the commercial killing of whales. This will be the first time since 1986 that Japan has explicitly allowed whale hunting for commercial purposes. For years Japan promised to hunt whales only for scientific research, but whalers […]