Russia positions itself to supply the world with organic food

Russia is poised to become the world’s largest supplier of organic foods, after taking a stand against genetically-engineered seeds last summer, saying that it has “chosen a different path.” The decision is based on healthy scepticism as Russia refuses to breeze over the fact that GMOs have not been proven safe for long-term consumption.(1) The […]

GoFundMe is refunding all donations made to the ‘Fund the Wall’ campaign

The campaign was on the cusp of reaching $20 million on Thursday. Brian Kolfage/GoFundMe The GoFundMe campaign that was raising money to build a wall along the US-Mexico border did not meet its $1 billion goal, meaning the platform will begin refunding donors. On Friday, Brian Kolfage, who created the fundraiser, updated its GoFundMe page to […]

Tasting Wine Stimulates Your Brain More Than Math

Any good wine snob knows that, despite the term’s intended negative connotation, the label should really be worn like a badge of honor. Sure, some beer lovers or, even worse, casual wine drinkers might find that snobbery worthy of derision, but they clearly don’t understand the difficulty, dexterity and dedication necessary to reach that level. […]

Warning: 90% Of Your Shrimp Comes From Toxic Sewage Ponds In Asia

When you sit down to eat that plate full of shrimp, you are also unknowingly eating sewage and many illegal drugs. According to the advocacy group, Food & Water Watch, more than 9 out of 10 fish that Americans eat are imported and about half of all imported fish and seafood were raised on fish farms.1 […]

Rothschild: Donald Trump is Threatening to Destroy the New World Order

The Rothschilds have used their globalist media mouthpiece to declare that Donald Trump is threatening to destroy the New World Order, for good. Globalism propaganda tool and Rothschild family-owned publication, The Economist, has branded the US President a “present danger” to the “New World Order,” and stated that the “internationalists” that formed it are “spinning in their graves.” The […]

The Dark Overlord Decrypts More 9/11 Insurance Files

After apparently raising thousands of dollars through a crowdfunding effort, The Dark Overlord have decrypted a set of the 9/11 attack connected litigation documents. On New Year’s Eve, Motherboard broke the news that a hacking group known as The Dark Overlord was threatening to release a cache of stolen insurance and legal documents related to the 9/11 […]

On Island of the Colorblind, Paradise Has a Different Hue

An island in the Pacific has a unique genetic history that affects how its people understand color. PINGELAP ATOLL, A Micronesian island in the South Pacific, sometimes goes by its other name, the Island of the Colorblind. That’s the moniker Oliver Sacks assigned the island in his 1996 book that explored the human brain. Pingelap piqued […]

PELOSI Defends Rep. Tlaib’s Right to Call President Trump a “MotherF*cker” … BUT Calling MS13 Gang-Bangers “Animals” Is ‘Not a Good Thing’

On Thursday night after her swearing in ceremony on a Koran freshman Democrat lawmaker Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) told a wild mob of supporters, “We’re going to go in and impeach the motherf*cker,” Presdident Trump. The Democrat audience cheered and squealed with delight.(Warning on language) Pro-Abortion Democrat Lawmaker Rashida Tlaib caught on video in profane tirade […]