Scientists Find That Anesthetics Can Weaken Traumatic Memories – D-brief

(Credit: PopTika/shutterstock) Some memories can leave us scarred for life. For example, the memory of a dog attack may leave even the most canine-loving person terrified of every pooch they come across. Fortunately, traumatic memories may not be permanent. In a new study, researchers have discovered that a general anesthetic can weaken emotionally disturbing memories. The find means […]


Top: Members of UFO Kaokala, a group that trains in meditation to seek answers and prophecy from extraterrestrial life, Saturday at a convention held in a Bangkok hotel. It only took stepping into the brown-carpeted conference room of a grungy Bangkok hotel to enter a dimension of belief where aliens not only exist (and think […]

How Did Dinosaurs Hear The World? Alligators Give Us Clues – D-brief

(Credit: AmeliAU/shutterstock) How did dinosaurs hear? Researchers now have an idea thanks to alligators. In a new study, researchers have discovered that American alligators process sounds the same way that barn owls and chickens do. And because birds and reptiles last shared a common ancestor nearly 250 million years ago, the finding means the shared […]

You can’t believe it when you see This in the sky above the Earth

Strange square clouds, roll clouds from horizon to horizon, UFOs disguised as clouds, V-shaped – diamond-shaped anomalies in the sky, hole punches in cloud formations caused by unknown objects falling through the clouds, many unexplained things happen in the atmosphere. Credit images: Mrmb333.  An enormous hole appeared in the sky photographed by a driver as […]

Fighting Alzheimer’s Disease During the Megathon: Spotlight on Three Citizen Scientists – Citizen Science Salon

Stall Catchers, a gamified way of contributing to Alzheimer’s research, is going big! Working with SciStarter, the School for the Future of Innovation in Society at Arizona State University, the Citizen Science Association, the National Network of Libraries of Medicine Pacific Southwest Region, and other partners, Stall Catchers is activating the Megathon (register at during […]

Independent Discussion Sections? – Neuroskeptic

Scientific papers should have two Discussion sections – one written by the authors, and the other by an independent researcher. According to a new paper from Michael S. Avidan, John P. A. Ioannidis and George A. Mashour, this “second discussant” system could help ensure more balanced and objective inference in science. The authors begin by […]

344. Kevin Day

Subscribe to our full two-hour shows for two dollars per month or more. Alejandro Rojas with UFO Updates, Guest and witness to the USS Nimitz TIC-TAC UFO Incident, Kevin Day join us for an in depth discussion on what happened off the coast of San Diego in 2004 involving the USS NIMITZ & USS PRINCETON.

Pascagoula UFO: A New Witness Comes Forward

     A UFO and alien abduction on the Pascagoula River: you may have heard this story from the 1970s. Now 45 years later, for the first time, a witness is coming forward saying she saw this alien encounter. By Hugh Keetonwww.wlox.com3-14-19 On Oct. 11,1973, Calvin Parker and now deceased Charles Hickson said while fishing […]

Russia’s Next-Gen Combat Suit is Getting Tech That’s Resistant to Nuclear Blasts

Russia has a new battle suit that seems to be visually inspired by Star Wars’s Imperial Shadow Stormtroopers. While Russia’s version likely doesn’t come with a cloaking device, the high-tech armor does have a few tricks up its sleeves, including nuclear blast resistant tech. The suit was developed by Rostec and is called the Ratnik-3. The latest upgrade to the […]

The U.S. Military Has A “Space Aggressor Squadron” Trained for Off-World Warfare

They’re ready to handle everything from satellite defense to extraterrestrial attacks. Extraterrestrial Conflict Right now, somewhere in the Rocky Mountains of the American West, there are two teams of Air Force specialists preparing to defend America’s interests — in space. They are the 26th Space Aggressor Squadron (26th SAS) and the 527th Space Aggressor Squadron (527th SAS), and their job consists […]