The Naked Truth About a UFO Religion

     Houari laid out the basics. There is no “God,” he said — but only the “Elohim.” According to Raelian teaching, the true translation of Elohim is By Matthew Hendleywww.newsweek.com1-22-20 “those who came from the sky.” The Elohim are a group of extraterrestrial scientists who intelligently designed the human race.

Researchers Discover 15 New Parasitic Wasps That Mind Control Spiders

Polysphincta wasps might be pretty if they weren’t so brutal. Native to the Americas, the larvae of these parasitic insects eat their host spiders while simultaneously controlling their minds, inducing the spiders to spin a cocoon the wasps will use to pupate into adults. Researchers used to think that one group of these wasps, the […]

Abandoned in space in 1967, a U.S. satellite started transmitting again in 2013

After learning that a satellite that’s been silent for decades has suddenly started sending out new signals you may, of course, suspect that the device has been hijacked by aliens now trying to communicate with Earth. Perhaps they’re warning us that they are planning an invasion! It’s possible such thoughts ran through the mind of […]

Snakes Could Be the Source of the Coronavirus Outbreak in China

Snakes – the Chinese krait and the Chinese cobra – may be the original source of the newly discovered coronavirus that has triggered an outbreak of a deadly infectious respiratory illness in China this winter. The illness was first reported in late December 2019 in Wuhan, a major city in central China, and has been […]

A Skin Cream Could Protect Against Diseases Like Zika and Dengue

Bzzzzzz. There’s nothing peskier than mosquitos buzzing around, especially when they decide to pepper your skin with itchy welts. Except, of course, when the winged insects happen to be carrying a potentially deadly virus like Zika or dengue fever. In recent years, mosquito-borne illnesses have been on the rise — and they pose an increasing […]

Scientists Finally Pin Down Why Stress Turns Our Hair Gray

It’s a well-burnished saying: Stress makes your hair turn gray. But is there actually a correlation between stress and losing the natural color of your locks? According to a study published today in Nature, there is, in fact, a direct link between stress and graying. Over the past two decades, researchers have found preliminary evidence […]