Children Need Stability, So What Happens When Schools Reopen and Close?

When the COVID-19 pandemic began in the early spring, school shutdowns helped safeguard the physical health of students. But those same closures had a significant effect on mental health, contributing to a rise in depression, stress, anxiety and suicidal thoughts among some children. That surge was one of the reasons some parents and educators were […]

What Is the Cloud? The Not-So Mysterious Place Where Your Data Goes

Don’t fret if the term “cloud computing” sounds hazy to you. While the name itself is a vague reference to digital connectivity, the nuts and bolts of the cloud are actually pretty concrete and ubiquitous. In fact, you may have recently used cloud-based software without even realizing it. For most consumers, the core purpose of […]

Bright unknown object flying towards camera while filming moving orb

An incredible bright unknown object appears out of nowhere flying towards the camera at high speed while filming a moving orb in Deerfield, New York.  The strange event happened on October 29, 2020, when a fast moving orb was observed during a party in Deerfield New York on which they started to film the orb […]

When Republicans Were Blue and Democrats Were Red

Television’s first dynamic, color-coded presidential map, standing two stories high in the studio best known as the home to “Saturday Night Live,” was melting. It was early October, 1976, the month before the map was to debut—live—on election night. At the urging of anchor John Chancellor, NBC had constructed the behemoth map to illustrate, in […]

The Horsehead Nebula in Orion: An Unbridled Look

On the night of July 27, 1913, astronomer E. E. Barnard noticed that the skies above Yerkes Observatory in southern Wisconsin were nearly perfect. The heavens were crystal clear and the Midwest air was surprisingly steady. He guided the gaze of the world’s largest refracting telescope in the direction of Orion, targeting a mysterious object […]

Huge winged UFO passing the Sun

Five years after the closing of Project Blue Book, U.S. intelligence was still paying attention to UFOs. Declassified files from 1974 show something even stranger — monitoring of a Close Encounter of the Third Kind, a case involving 6 1/2 foot tall humanoid occupants of a disc-shaped craft.  The case occurred in Western Spain, in […]

Tracking the Source of Illegal Sand Mining

Sand. It’s everywhere … or it feels that way. You see it at the beach, at the playground, along the road, at the river, in the parking lot. It is also hidden in the concrete of your office, in your smartphone screen, in the pavement of your driveway. We use a lot of sand every […]

Morphing Orbs hovering above Joshua Tree National Park, California

Witness: We were camping in Joshua Tree at Belle Campground, California on 10-20-2020. Around 7:20 pm when we observed bright lights in the sky. They looked like bright gold slightly orange lights.  Started as 3 lights, turned into 4. Others appeared. disappeared, came back, multiplied into 3 or 4, lights separating and moving in relation […]

Why Did Carnivorous Plants Become Meat Eaters?

Since at least Darwin’s time, scientists have fawned over carnivorous plants. And who can blame them? It’s hard not to be marveled by the way a sundew uses its sticky arms to immobilize prey, or the speedy snap of Venus flytrap and its uncanny resemblance to animal jaws. These unique species display skill sets that […]

Earth’s Magnetic North Pole Has Begun Racing Towards Siberia

In 1831, the British explorer James Clark Ross determined the position of the magnetic North Pole to within a few miles for the first time. He found it on the Boothia Peninsula in Nunavut, northern Canada where he and his team camped in the “snow huts of a recently deserted Esquimaux village”. Even then, the […]

Earth’s Biggest Telescopes Reopen After Months of COVID Closures

After more than six months of COVID-related closures, observational astronomy is largely getting back to work. Many of the world’s biggest telescopes have reopened their domes in recent weeks, returning their gazes to the heavens for the first time since the pandemic forced a global shutdown of observational astronomy in March. Other major telescopes expect […]