A transgender boxer? The moving story of Thomas Page McBee

He was born with the body of a woman, but 27 years later, he managed to become what he always wanted. After many battles – both physical and mental – Thomas Page McBee transformed himself into a transgender boxer, who, in addition to fighting in the ring, writes literature and shares his experience with the world, […]

Scientists drill into mysterious lake buried 3,500 feet under Antarctica

A huge lake buried thousands of feet underneath Antarctica’s ice is about to yield its secrets, after scientists drilled through the ice to reach it. After two days of drilling using a high-pressure hot water drill, the scientists broke through on Sunday – finding a lake ‘twice the size of Manhattan’. The scientists will lower […]

We may have finally spotted a star turning into a black hole

Featured Image: Researchers think that the Cow may be a very rare, unusual type of supernova – the death of a massive star. The image shows the remnant of RCW 86, the oldest documented supernova, observed in 185 A.D. For the first time, researchers observed a stellar death before their eyes – a supernova and […]

UFO Shoots Beam To Ground – Hynek Investigates | UFO CHRONICLE – 1969

     An unidentified flying object(UFO) that beams a dazzling light to the ground has been reported in the Palatine Lake Zurich area and is being investigated by members of Northwestern University’s astronomy department it was learned yesterday. By Chicago Tribune5-25-1969 The object which was described as saucer-shaped, frightened two teenage boys and caused the […]

Bullied Into Bad Science? – Neuroskeptic

There’s been an interesting discussion on Twitter about senior scientists who pressure their students or postdocs into scientific misconduct or otherwise poor science: Bullying students into providing the “right” results: research misconduct by proxy? This is probably among the worst but receives little attention — Simon Eickhoff (@INM7_ISN) January 19, 2019 Today, I was made […]

Michigan Man Discovers Glowing, Fluorescent Rocks Called ‘Yooperlites’

Erik Rintamaki was searching for rocks on a Michigan beach last summer when he made what he calls a “mind blowing” discovery. Resting among the thousands of pebbles covering the Lake Superior beach, Rintamaki saw a glowing rock. The gem and mineral dealer told CBS News he often goes rock hunting. But on this particular […]

UFO sightings in the USA MAPPED: Where are you most likely to see alien craft in the US?

UFO sightings across the US have become an almost daily occurrence since the 1940s, but certain states seem to be more welcoming to extraterrestrial visitors than others. Here is a map of the most likely place in the USA to see UFOs. Researchers at Casino.org trawled back through decades worth of UFO sightings to narrow down the highest concentrations of […]

Life on Mars? ‘Flock of animals’ captured on the Red Planet !!

The video seems to show a large group of objects on the surface of the planet, spanning miles.  And another angle seems to reveal open parts of the area that are said to be feeding areas for animals.  Speaking to the Daily Star Online exclusively, conspiracy theorist Neal Evans has stated that this is proof […]

Part Spider, Part Scorpion Creature Found in Amber

A new, bizarre spider-like creature has just been discovered in Southeast Asia, having been encased in amber during the Cretaceous period some 100 million years ago, and it might be more terrifying than any of the creepy-crawlies lurking in the dark corners of your basement. Amber mined for centuries in Myanmar for jewelry is a treasure […]

Tectonic Shifts, Not Meteorite Behind the Dinosaurs Extinction, Says New Evidence

Dinosaurs extinction has been one of the world’s most dramatic mass extinctions. The cause of extinction, though attempted to be explained by many theories, has been a matter of debate with no clear consensus. One of the theories says that about 66 million years ago, a massive meteorite (event referred as Chicxulub catastrophe) slammed our […]

These Photos Offer an Incredible View of How the Advertising Industry Exploits Women

In recent years, the world of fashion and advertising has distastefully blurred the lines between right and wrong, creating a pronounced grey area of supposedly acceptable imagery which includes everything from BDSM and rape to abuse, aggression, and underage perversion. And this phenomenon can’t simply be narrowed down to ‘artistry’ when the symbolism is so blatantly sexist and even […]

It Turns Out the Yeti Is Probably Just a Rare Bear

The word “yeti” conjures up a specific image in the folklore of Nepal and Tibet — a massive, shaggy, distinctly ape-like beast that wanders the frigid and desolate Himalayan snowscape. It certainly doesn’t evoke anything that looks like it’s about to impart wisdom about stopping forest fires. But, according to a recent study published in the journal Proceedings […]