The Psychological Importance of Extraordinary Experiences

This story appears in the June 2020 issue as “Awe-Struck.” Subscribe to Discover magazine for more stories like this. The first time I ventured to Western Canada’s Selkirk Mountains, I was a tourist. My family and I arrived in a small mountain town via ferry, snapping photos as we passed by stunning vistas of lake, mountain and sky. […]

Should Scientists Take UFOs and Ghosts More Seriously?

Journalist Leslie Kean investigates topics that many consider to be beyond the pale      Like many long-time readers of The New York Times, I was shocked when the staid old paper published, in 2017, a front-page article on Pentagon investigations of unidentified flying objects, or UFOs. This article, plus a shorter sidebar and a […]

Do Humans Have a ‘Mating Season’?

What is the most common birth date in the U.S.? According to data from the U.S. National Center for Health Statistics, it’s Sept. 9. In fact, September as a whole is a very busy month in U.S. delivery rooms. And, for those of you doing the math, that makes December a very busy month for, […]

How Will COVID-19 Contact Tracing Apps Work in the U.S.?

As government officials begin easing restrictions implemented during the early months of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, they are looking for new ways to track and slow the spread of the virus. Contact tracing — the practice of identifying those exposed to infected individuals — is part of this effort. For COVID-19, however, public health officials have […]

Pluto’s Weird Atmosphere Just Collapsed

Pluto’s atmosphere is hard to observe from Earth. It can only be studied when Pluto passes in front of a distant star, allowing astronomers to see the effect the atmosphere has on starlight. When this happened in 2016, it confirmed that Pluto’s atmosphere was growing, a trend that astronomers had observed since 1988, when they noticed […]

When Do Babies’ Microbiomes Begin to Form?

A lot happens during pregnancy. In the months before birth, a baby’s brain forms, their heart thumps for the first time and their fingernails sprout. At some point, a baby’s gut, skin and other organs will be populated with trillions of beneficial bacteria — the microbiome. But does that happen before birth, or after? For […]

Official UFO Disclosure “May Be Imminent” – A Historical Perspective

Those that do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.      The history of the UFO field has many, many examples (some of which I’ve collated below) of predictions of imminent official disclosure of the existence of alien visitors. Headlines claiming By Isaac KoiATS5-20-20 that UFO “Disclosure” is coming soon have been […]

The Familiar Plants and Animals That Invaded America’s Landscape

The emotional attachment to the feral horses, says Gornish, is disastrous for both the horses and the environment. These horses are destroying vulnerable habitat very quickly, especially native plant communities. “However, people really dislike the ideas of killing horses, so they push back against control measures,” she says.  The result is too many horses in […]

Secret Triangle Craft Appears To Lift Off The Moon

On May 4, 2020 Linda Miller using a Nikon P1000 Super-telephoto digital camera captured, besides a lot of bats and birds, something that looks like it lifts off the surface of the Moon.  Although it difficult to judge what the object could be because of the distance, the object clearly has a triangular shape and […]

Latest Show: 405. Randall Nickerson

Guest Randall Nickerson discusses the future release of his long-awaited film, Ariel Phenomenon. Special guest, Ariel School Incident witness, Francis Chirimuuta joins us for a few minutes. Randall further discusses some of the hundreds of interviews of the Ariel School experiencers, and of recently connecting to a witness he has looked for since the beginning […]