Air Force Urges Top Scientists To Scan Saucers (UFOs)

     The Air Force called in top scientists to find out what “Flying Saucers” really are today as mysterious objects again swooped over the capital. By Mt Pleasant Times-News7-28-1952 The Civil Aeronautics Administration traffic control center reported that its radar picked up the objects for about six straight hours early this morning.

For Pilot Bessie Coleman, Every ‘No’ Got Her Closer to ‘Yes’

David Kindy Daily Correspondent The young woman in the cockpit of the biplane studied the control panel, then flipped a switch and signaled to the ground crew. Grabbing the propeller blade, a crew member spun it hard. The engine coughed and sputtered, then caught with a load roar. After the motor had warmed up, the […]

Dust Grains Escape a Dismal Fate To Build Planets

In protoplanetary disks — the gas and dust clouds from which planets are made — the orbits of millimeter-sized dust particles drift inward. If these pebbles don’t accumulate in certain regions of the disk where they can collide and stick together to grow planetesimals, which are kilometer-sized, planet-forming rocks, they will be engulfed by the […]

How Can Ant and Termite Queens Live So Long?

A queen Oecophylla smaragdina ant Didier Descouens via Wikimedia under CC BY-SA 4.0 Small animals don’t usually grow very old. Since they’re always at risk of becoming another critter’s quick snack, the best way to ensure that their genes will make it into the next generation is having a bunch of young as soon as […]

The Japanese WWII Soldier Who Refused to Surrender for 27 Years

Shoichi Yokoi fled to the jungles of Guam to avoid capture in the summer of 1944. He remained in hiding until January 1972. Public domain via Wikimedia Commons / Photo by Keystone / Getty Images When Japanese sergeant Shoichi Yokoi returned to his home country after almost three decades in hiding, his initial reaction was […]

Are Rocket Scientists and Brain Surgeons Any Smarter than the Average Person?

New research has challenged the premise of the adage, “it’s not brain surgery.” It turns out that brain surgeons — and rocket scientists, for that matter — are no more and no less intelligent than the average person.   In a paper published this past December in The BMJ, researchers recruited 72 neurosurgeons and 329 aerospace engineers to complete an online test that […]

5 Best CBD Oil for Pain & Inflammation: 2021 Update

This article contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. CBD oil has become immensely popular over the last few years. These days, there are hundreds of different CBD brands to choose from. With so many options on the market, it can be difficult to determine which […]

What Do Scientists Know About Vitamin D and Cancer?

We know vitamin D is good for us — it helps keep our bones strong and supports our immune system.  But some 42 percent of the U.S. population doesn’t get enough of the sunshine vitamin. Those living in colder climates can’t get their daily sun dosage from November through April because of the sun’s angle […]

What Is Cuffing Season and Is It a Real Thing?

As soon as the weather begins to cool, ungulates like caribou and elk begin to pair up and mate in anticipation of the coming winter. The timing works out well for their resulting progeny, which are born in the warmer weather of spring when blooming vegetation provides their mothers with abundant nutrition. Some believe that […]

Dinosaur Fan Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Is Not Stan the T. Rex’s Mystery Buyer

The T. rex specimen was discovered in 1987 by fossil hunter Stan Sacrison in South Dakota’s Badlands.  NFL/YouTube Actor, former wrestler and sports commentator Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson caused a brief stir in the scientific community after appearing virtually on ESPN’s ManningCast on Monday night. Peeking out from behind his left shoulder was the skull of a Tyrannosaurus […]

A Wildlife YouTuber Discovered This New Species of Tarantula in Thailand

The newly recognized species, Taksinus bambus, is the first known tarantula to nest exclusively inside bamboo stalks. JoCho Sippawat When wildlife enthusiast and YouTube star JoCho Sippawat came across an unusual spider near his home in northwestern Thailand, he knew that he’d found something special. He promptly emailed a photo of the spider to arachnologist […]