A Nuclear Bomb’s Debris Could Reveal How It Was Made – 80beats

If a country fires an airborne nuclear missile, the source of the attack is obvious. But what about the more fluid threat that hangs over the 21st century—terrorists sneaking a nuclear device into a city and setting it off? In a study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences this week, researchers suggest […]

Genes To Brains To Minds To… Murder? – Neuroskeptic

A group of Italian psychiatrists claim to explain How Neuroscience and Behavioral Genetics Improve Psychiatric Assessment: Report on a Violent Murder Case. The paper presents the horrific case of a 24 year old woman from Switzerland who smothered her newborn son to death immediately after giving birth in her boyfriend’s apartment. After her arrest, she […]

Review: Written in Stone by Brian Switek – Not Exactly Rocket Science

Rocks are full of stories. They contain the petrified remains of long-dead animals and in every fossilised bone, scale and track, there are awe-inspiring accounts of the history of life on this planet. Of course, fossils themselves are poor narrators. To uncover their tales, you need a storyteller with an expert’s knowledge and a writer’s […]

Michael Jackson Mind Control – Inkfish

Whenever you recognize someone or something–your mother, the Space Needle, an iguana–it’s because certain neurons in your brain light up with activity almost exclusively in response to that one thing. You may pretend you don’t know who Heidi Montag is, but somewhere in your gray matter, your brain cells are proving you wrong. Researchers at […]